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No changing room So did that mean everyone who changes in this shop changed in front of this man Suddenly, Sukyung began to feel that perhaps this whole thing was a mistake.

But then… she has heard that models and beauty pageants often had to change in front of other people because there wasn’t enough time in-between their walks.

So to a man like this, maybe this was normal. 


But there was no way Sukyung could change in front of him.

Sungwoo was probably used to seeing beautiful naked models with perfect bodies everyday, so what would he think when he saw her naked 


Sukyung was already hurt enough from what Jaewon told her.

She couldn’t take any more criticism, so she quickly rushed to a room nearby. 


The room she entered was filled with even more clothes.

In addition, there were many different types of swimsuits as well.

Glancing at the sexy bikinis, Sukyung quickly changed into the outfit she chose. 


The pants she picked were too long for her.

The blouse was too small and the cardigan almost reached her knees.

Even without looking in the mirror, Sukyung knew she must look ridiculous.


“Why am I not surprised”


With a deep sigh, Sukyung took them off.

If she walked out like this, she knew that tall man was going to say things she didn’t want to hear. 


She kept calling him “that man”, but at this point, Sukyung knew he was the owner of this agency.

A week ago, the treatment coordinator who booked her appointment told her,


“You’re booking with the boss Wow, it will be pretty expensive then.”


When Sukyung got home that day, she searched for his name online.

She learned that his name was Jin Sungwoo and that he had a pretty impressive resume.

He apparently had worked in a few of the top hair salons in the past, and he even won several contests.

He also worked as an advisor for many high end brands, and the list went on and on.

It was clear that Jin Sungwoo was not an ordinary hair designer. 


So why was this hotshot doing this for her Jin Sungwoo was providing a VVIP treatment for her at a standard price.

Was this how he attracted new customers Or was he up to something


Maybe he was planning a reality TV show where he transformed average women into beauties. 


Well… Even if this was the case, who cares As long as she looked better, Sukying didn’t care.


“What happened Why didn’t you change”


When she walked out in her own clothes, Sungwoo glared at her with his arms crossed.

Sukyung cringed a little and murmured, 


“Well, they didn’t really fit…”

“So you chose clothes without even checking their sizes And you expected them to fit you I mean, it was obvious you chose the wrong colors and the designs to begin with, but even the sizes”


His sarcastic tone was like a dagger to her heart.

Biting her lower lip, Sukyung stood awkwardly.

Sungwoo remained sitting comfortably in the chair and tilted his head.


“Just go back in there and put on a swimsuit for me then.

Pick a bikini.”



She looked up at him in shock, and Sungwoo shook his head in annoyance.


“Hurry up already.

You already wasted 30 minutes of your session.”

“B…but… A swimsuit Why”


He narrowed his eyes and glared at her harder.


“Then would you rather stand naked in front of me I have to check your body type, don’t I”

“But… But…”

“Just hurry up and change.”


Sungwoo leaned back and picked up the stretch book and a pen on the table next to him.

Sukyung stared in confusion before looking back to check the swimsuits inside the room.

She then turned back towards him.


A bikini No way! She has never worn a bikini before in her life.

Oh, of course she had worn a swimsuit before since she learned to swim when she was young, but a bikini…


Sukyung didn’t think she could do it! She shook her head and asked,


“U…umm… Umm… Can’t you just do it without the bikini I don’t understand why I have to wear a swimsuit…”

“Then are you okay for me to touch you all over your body”


Sungwoo placed the sketchbook and the pen back down on the table and looked up at her.

Sukyung blinked a few times when he continued,


“Just choose.

Do you want me to touch you or look at you Those are the only two ways for me to know what your body looks like, okay And I need to know this, so I can recommend the right type of clothes for you.

I need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, so I know what to emphasize and what to hide.

Or do you want me to just guess Do a poor job And just take your 10,000 dollars You should know that I never would, and do you know why It’s not because I care about you.

It’s because I care about my SHOP.

Doing a poor job will ruin my reputation.

So just get inside there and change! You have three minutes.”


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