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“Ugh, whatever.” 


Sukyung shook her head and muttered before quickly walking up to the door.

Worrying about it wasn’t going to change anything.

If he had a woman with him, who cares It wasn’t like she was his girlfriend or anything.

She certainly wasn’t here to spy on him, so even if he was with a woman, it shouldn’t have to matter to her. 


Of course, the problem was… It would bother her.

She was afraid that she might find him with another woman.

She feared that he would be kissing another woman… Laughing and having fun with someone else… This scared her. 


But why


She wasn’t interested in him, was she Sungwoo was just the owner of a shop that was helping her look better.

In two weeks, they were going to part ways and never see each other.

Because he took her first kiss, perhaps she would remember him for a long time.

But that was it and nothing more. 




Was there something more to this


“I’m acting strange…” 


Sukyung frowned again.

She got onto the elevator and pressed the number three button.

It was only a five-story building, so why was there a need for an elevator Wondering about this, Sukyung got off the elevator and pushed the doorbell to Sungwoo’s place.  


She waited a few seconds, but there was no answer.

Pressing the bell again, Sukyung murmured,





Again, there was no answer.

Could it be that he wasn’t home Did he ask her to bring him something and just left Getting a bad feeling, Sukyung grabbed the doorknob and turned.

To her shock, the door opened easily, making her jump. 


Why was the door open Was his place robbed or something…


Sukyung cautiously entered his place.

There were three pairs of his shoes neatly arranged at the entrance.

She was certain they were his since they were all male shoes and they looked like they were all about the same sizes.

Or… Could one of them be the thieves Would a thief take his shoes off before entering the house he was about to rob 


Holding tightly to the documents and taking her shoes off, Sukyung awkwardly entered Sungwoo’s home.

In the large living room, she saw many documents littered everywhere.

At first, she feared that the place was really robbed.

But she soon realized that the papers were arranged in a circular pattern around the coffee table.

It was clear someone was sitting at the coffee table and looking over these papers. 


When she entered further, she spotted Sungwoo, who was lying on the white sofa.

His eyes were closed, and Sukyung gaped and stared quietly. 


Sukyung had never seen Sungwoo looking this bad before! His long hair was messy and stuck on his face.

His face looked pale while his nose and cheeks looked like boiled tomatoes.

He obviously hasn’t shaved in days because there was stubble on his face.

His black shirt and cotton pants were crumpled, indicating he had been wearing them for at least a few days. 





When Sukyung cautiously walked up to him and touched his shoulder, Sungwoo jolted.

Rubbing his eyes while groaning, he shivered.

His eyes looked so red that they looked scary. 


Sukyung murmured,


“Are you okay”

“What What do you mean…”


Sungwoo looked up at her with another moan.

He rose and leaned against the sofa.

Suddenly realizing why she was here, Sungwoo murmured,


“Ah, you brought the documents.

I remember now.”

“Yes, I brought them here.

But… Are you alright I heard you’ve been very busy…”


When he reached out to her without a word, Sukyung handed the files to him.

But when their fingers touched, Sukyung jolted.

His skin felt too hot.

Without thinking, she grabbed his hand.

Clearly annoyed, Sungwoo opened his eyes again and muttered,


“What are you doing”

“Are you sick Do you have a cold”


Sukyung got closer and placed her hand on his forehead.

Sungwoo shook his head in annoyance, but he seemed too weak to resist her.


“Oh my god.

You have a fever! How can you be working in this condition This can’t be!”

“What do you mean, ‘this can’t be’ You brought the files I need, so you can go now.

Thank you.”


Sungwoo placed the files on the coffee table and tried to open it, but his body kept swaying side to side weakly.

He managed to hold a pen, but Sukyung wasn’t sure if he could even read at the moment.

After watching him for about a minute, she saw that his eyes began to close slowly. 


Unable to stand it anymore, Sukyung clapped her hands loudly.

His eyes jolted open and looked up.

He seemed surprised to see her still in his living room.


“What You’re still here”


And I won’t be leaving for a while.”



Sukyung grabbed the files from the table.

She also gathered all the papers on the floor and placed them neatly on the side.

All Sungwoo could do was stare helplessly as she finally placed her hand on her waist and glared at him.

She ordered, 


“You need to go to bed right now.”






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