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Jaejim offered his cell phone and insisted, 


“Then just enter your number on my phone.”


Remembering that she had been lying the whole night, Sukyung frowned.

Handing him her cup, Sukyung leaned forward and whispered in his ear, 


“I’ll be back.”

“Where are you going”


Did he really have to ask Sukyung frowned again and replied,


“I’m going to the washroom.”


Thankfully, Jaejim didn’t stop her.

Sukyung walked away and looked around once again for Sungwoo.

When she didn’t see him, she left the main part of the store to a deserted hallway.

She sighed deeply.

For some reason, she felt like she could breathe now.

The hallway was a little cooler, which helped. 


When Sukyung entered the washroom, she saw herself in the mirror.

Her face was flushed and her top was a little askew to reveal a little bit of her shoulder.

Sukyung saw that her hair was in a cute pigtail hairstyle with hair pins placed decoratively on top of her head.

To her shock, she did look like a 20-year-old girl.

And her face… Her eyes sparkled while her lips were smiling happily.

Sukyung couldn’t remember having this kind of facial expression when she was 20. 


Why was Sungwoo doing this All Sukyung asked was for him to improve her appearance enough so that Jaewon wouldn’t be embarrassed by her.

But what Sungwoo was doing… It felt like he wanted to change her life. 


After washing her hands, she left the washroom.

The hallway was dim and from the main area, she could hear quiet jazz music playing.

Food stopped being served at midnight.

Alcohol was still served, but Sukyung didn’t see anyone getting overly drunk and making a scene.

Everyone was enjoying their wine while conversing elegantly.

She heard some loud laughter or clapping, but nothing more. 


Sukyung knew that she would remember this night forever.

With a pleased smile, she began walking again when she saw a shadow.

When she looked up, she saw that it was Jaejim. 


Sukyung murmured,


“You didn’t have to wait for me.”


When she walked up to him, Jaejim tilted his head and replied, 


“I wanted to talk to you alone.”



Was he going to ask her out Confess his feelings Sukyung’s heart began to pound fast.

It felt exciting and amusing at the same time. 


What should she say What should she do so that her night would end on a high note 


Sukyung mumbled, 


“The other kids must be waiting.

We should get back inside…”

“Are you not giving me your number because you don’t like me Or because you have a boyfriend” 



Were kids this direct nowadays Or was this how everyone talked She felt so amused, but she didn’t want to look too excited by his confession.

Trying to look calm, Sukyung replied in a quiet voice,


“No, it’s not like that… Umm… My parents are really strict, so I’m not allowed to date yet.”

“You’re 20, so why would you need your parents’ permission to date That’s crazy.

If you like me, you should date me.

I certainly like you.”


Sukyung tried to keep calm.

What could she say to escape this situation She didn’t want to hurt him by refusing him coldly.

But she also couldn’t give him her phone number either.

If the kids here found out the truth about her, what would they think 


Sukyung mumbled, 


“Well, I…”


Jaejim grinned and replied, 


“Don’t worry.

This must be your first time, but it’s no big deal.

I’ll be nice to you.

I have a pretty good reputation, so you can relax.” 


He began leaning forward, and all Sukyung could do was blink.

No way.

They only met today, so he wouldn’t dare…


Sukyung was about to scream and push Jaejim away when they heard someone cough behind them.

Jaejim turned around with a frown, but when he saw who was standing there, he froze. 


Jaejim murmured, 


“Oh, President Jin.”

“Do you need something from my niece” 


Sungwoo spoke quietly, but his voice sounded icy cold.

Jaejim remained very quiet while Sukyung sighed in relief and walked up to Sungwoo.

Sungwoo glanced at her to check she was okay before wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

Nodding toward Jaejim, Sungwoo continued, 


“I’m taking her back home now.

You don’t need her, do you”

“Umm, I have something I need to tell her.”


The boy protested bravely.

Sungwoo paused and looked straight into Jaejim’s eyes.

Sukyung cringed nervously and glanced up at Sungwoo. 


Sungwoo replied,


“Seriously Then shall I wait here while you tell her whatever it is you need to say I’m in a hurry, so you’ll have to make it quick.

I also have a few people waiting for me outside too.

And it’s 2 AM in the morning, so you should really go home and sleep.

I mean, look at your saggy skin.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll get even more wrinkles.

If you have to fool around, you should really try to get more sleep.”


Jaejim frowned, his pride hurt.

Sungwoo frowned in annoyance and added, 


“And don’t you dare ask my niece out.

I didn’t bring her here so someone like you can snatch her away.”


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