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“Let’s not do this anymore, Sukyung.

I will pay you back eventually.

I obviously can’t repay you all at once, since I just began working.

But when I grow my career and get a promotion, I will be able to start paying back.”

“J…Jaewon, don’t do this.

I’m sure Mom and Dad would’ve wanted us to get along.”

“Mom and Dad are dead.

Bringing them up won’t change anything at this point.”


Jaewon seemed to have become a completely different person.

There was no way Sukyung could confess her feelings for him now.

This was not how she imagined their reunion would be like.

She had hoped… that Jaewon would tell her he missed her and that… he realized how he was in love with her while they were apart. 


Sukyung had been dreaming of him telling her he loved her too, but now… 


Facing reality was such a painful thing. 


Suddenly, Jaewon added in annoyance,


“And you know, Sunghee… I really wanted to tell you this for a while now.”


He almost seemed frustrated as he continued, 


“Please do something about your hair and clothes.

What is wrong with you Why do you walk around looking like that I mean… I understand the importance of being frugal, but shouldn’t you at least get a haircut once in a while Don’t you know that long hair has been out of fashion for the longest time And if you want to keep it long, you should at least go to a salon to get it trimmed.

And your clothes… I mean… What the hell Haa…”


Jaewon sighed in frustration and stood up.

Sukyung was in such a shock that she couldn’t move.

This… This wasn’t the Jaewon she knew.

The Jaewon she knew would never speak to her like this.

He would never… 


Jaewon was always kind to her before he left.

He promised her that he would study hard for her.

Then one day, his letters stopped coming.

No matter how many letters Sukyung sent, he never replied.

His phone number also changed and soon, she could no longer contact him.


Worried that something might have happened to him, Sukyung called her old boss who helped arrange Jaewon’s school application process.

But when Jaewon found out about this, he became furious. 


It was clear that Jaewon… didn’t want her. 


He didn’t want her anywhere near him.


Why Because she was such a bumpkin Because she didn’t take care of her appearance Because she didn’t suit him, who was now a handsome and elegant hair designer


Before leaving her, Jaewon handed her a white envelope, 


“I got my first paycheck, so this is part of it.

Take this and buy some clothes for yourself.

I will send you money every month from now on, so don’t worry.”


He took the bill and left.

Feeling confused, Sukyung sat quietly for a moment before realizing what had happened.

She grabbed the envelope and ran after him, but all she could see was him driving away in his new expensive car. 


Sukyung has never been to Apgujung1 before.

Feeling lost, Sukyung walked around aimlessly.

Tears filled her eyes, but she looked up to make sure she didn’t cry.

Her long hair now felt so heavy.

Didn’t Jaewon remember how he promised to cut it for her He promised her before he left that he was going to become a great hair designer and cut her hair.

That was why she has kept her hair long… That was why she refused to go to a hair salon for a haircut. 


Sukyung has been waiting for Jaewon for so long.

She has been waiting for the day when he returned and be the first to cut her hair in three years.

Sukyung felt that going to another hair stylist would be like betraying Jaewon. 


She didn’t care if they remained as siblings and nothing more.

As long as he would allow her to be by his side… Sukyung was perfectly willing to change herself.

She would be happy to spend all of her money to improve her looks. 


So please… 


Sukyung whispered, 


“Please don’t leave me, Jaewon… Please don’t disappear… I’m begging you… Please…”


When she opened her eyes, the room was still spinning.

Thankfully, her dizziness soon improved and she saw something dark.

Sukyung blinked a few times to realize that it was a dark leather sofa. 


Confused, she sat up and heard the rustle of papers.

When she turned, Sukyung noticed a man sitting at the desk.

It was that same tall man she saw at the entrance of the shop.

He was now wearing glasses and he had his jacket off, but it was still the same man.


The same elegant yet very dominant-looking man.


He looked a little more graceful than Jaewon.

Perhaps it was because he was older and therefore more mature.

She spotted some wrinkles around his eyes, but it actually added to his refined appearance.

His thin and straight lips were beautiful pink.

His skin looked perfectly tanned and his neck and shoulders were well muscled, indicating he worked out regularly. 


Glancing at her through his glasses, Sungwoo asked, 


“I guess the sleeping beauty has finally awakened”


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