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Sukyung bit her lower lip and looked down.

She couldn’t tell Sungwoo the truth.

She could never do something like that because if she did, Jaewon would never forgive her.

Besides, it wasn’t that she was seriously hoping for something to happen with Jaewon.

All she wanted was to be by his side.

And none of this was Jaewon’s fault.

She didn’t want Sungwoo to think badly of her brother. 


This was all her fault.

Jaewon might not be her real brother, but they grew up together.

It was wrong of her to feel this way about him.


“No one.

There is no one.”

“Are you sure”


When she shook her head, Sungwoo’s hand moved lower, away from her chin.

In a husky voice, he asked,


“Then can I take your virginity”


Sungwoo’s finger slowly followed her pantyline.

Unable to scream, Sukyung just gaped as she stared at him.

When her brain finally began to work again, she tried to push him away.


“W…w…what do you think you’re doing What are you saying I…I’m going to report you to the police!”

“I’m not kidding.

A woman becomes sexy from her experiences.

A virgin can have an innocent beauty, but she can never be sexy.

You look sexy when you want amazing sex, and you can only want something like that if you’ve had it before.

The problem with you is that you’re too old to boast of innocent beauty, yet you can’t be sexy because you’ve never had any experience.

Good clothes and makeup can’t fix everything.”

“So are you saying all the girls who want to be models and actresses all go to you and surrender their virginity Don’t be ridiculous.

You’re lying to me.”


Sukyung continued to push him away and yelled.

Raising an eyebrow in amusement, Sungwoo smiled and replied, 


“By the time they come to me, they usually aren’t virgins anymore.

Besides, I’m not interested in them.

They are way too young.”


Oh my god.

This man talked like women were objects.

Talking about young girls’ virginities… How could he be so callous Sukyung smacked his chest with her firsts and ordered, 


“Just move!”

“Don’t you want your man to find you sexy Don’t you want to seduce him just with one look Wouldn’t it be amazing to make him beg for your attention on his knees”


Suddenly, Sukyung imagined Jaewon telling her he couldn’t live without her.

His dark eyes filling with tears as he begged her… She slowly stopped hitting Sungwoo.

She began to blush as her heart pounded loudly.

If that could happen… If…


“Interested” Sungwoo asked knowingly. 


When he smiled, Sukyung blinked before shaking her head.

She tried to push him away again, but Sungwoo easily embraced her and trapped her.

Feeling so cozy as if she was being wrapped in a giant blanket, Sukyung almost sighed in pleasure. 


Sungwoo said to her,


“You aren’t hopeless.

You just need to change a few things in your appearance.

But your overall vibe can’t be fixed with clothes.

You can’t create ‘sexy’ with makeup.

It’s because if you haven’t experienced it, you just don’t know, right To feel that raw pleasure… I mean, haven’t you ever wanted to have sex with that man you’re so in love with To have him kiss you so deeply and knead your breasts hard enough to make you moan… To have him thrust into you so viciously that you can’t think… Haven’t you thought about these things before”


Sungwoo’s whispers sounded so erotic.

His large hands were on her butt as he gently massaged her.

To have his hard body wrapped around her… Sukyung couldn’t even describe this new sensation that engulfed her. 


Sungwoo continued, 


“Of course not, right It’s because you don’t know.

Unfortunately, ignorance isn’t forgiven nowadays.

In fact, most men wouldn’t like a woman who doesn’t have any experience.”



Sukyung looked up at him in desperation.

Did Jaewon feel this way too There was no guarantee he didn’t have a woman when he studied in London.

He used to work in a pretty large hair salon, so he would’ve met a lot of girls.

Jaewon was so handsome and kind that he would’ve been very popular. 


“Is it that you want to save your virginity for your man”


No, this wasn’t true.

Sukyung didn’t want to go that far with Jaewon.

She just wanted to be close to him… 


Or was she lying to herself Did she want to have the hot erotic relationship with Jaewon Did she want to get married to him and live happily ever after 


Sukyung shook her head in confusion.

She really didn’t know what she wanted.

Sungwoo held her chin and raised it so she faced him.


Sungwoo offered, 


“How about this We won’t go all the way.

I can make you feel the pleasure without going all the way.

What do you think You want to know how it feels”


His eyes were steady, making it hard for Sukyung to face him.

Biting her lower lip, she studied him before asking,


“You… you really mean it We won’t go all the way”


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