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But he WAS acting like a pervert.

Sukyung wanted to voice her opinion, but knowing how much it would annoy Sungwoo, she kept quiet. 


Sungwoo leaned a little and unhooked her bra.

Sukyung gaped and tried to twist away from him, but he refused to budge. 


Sungwoo instructed her,


“Listen carefully.

When you’re putting on a bra, you need to lean forward a little so your breasts get right inside the cups.”

“I…I know that already!”


I know you know, but you don’t do it, do you If your bra is even a little askew, your whole silhouette gets destroyed.

This is especially important when you’re wearing a tight dress like that.”


His long hard fingers slipped underneath her bra.

Sukyung inhaled deeply and held her breath, afraid if she exhaled, her breasts would touch his fingers.

She nodded as he continued to explain,


“You need to check the sides and the vertical dimension as well before closing the hooks.

Got it”


But instead of closing her bra, Sungwoo was gently caressing the underside of her breasts.

Sukyung’s breaths began to become rough. 


He couldn’t be doing this on purpose, right He was just showing her how to wear a bra properly… Or wasn’t he But… But this man saw beautiful women every day.

So there was no reason why he would want to do something like this to her.


“Are you nervous” Sungwoo asked.


His voice tickled her ear softly.

His warm breath on her cheek felt so gentle.

But she didn’t want to be an idiot anymore.

Well, she was certain she looked like an idiot right now, but she didn’t want to be any more of an idiot. 


She was inside a changing stall in her underwear with a hot designer, and her imagination was going wild.

When she didn’t say a word, Sungwoo continued, 


“You should be nervous.

Of course you do.

After all, you’re alone with a man in your underwear.

What if I try to do something”


Sukyung tried to turn her face to glare at him.

But Sungwoo buried his face in her hair and began to caress the bottom of her breasts with his fingers.

Feeling goosebumps covering her entire body, Sukyung felt the area between her thighs tighten.

For some reason, her lower stomach clenched. 


Sukyung whispered,


“B…but you… You see those gorgeous models all the time.

So why should I be worried you might do something to me…”

“You’re so naive.

All women are pretty much the same.

They are soft to the touch and sweet to the tongue.

And they are hot to **, of course.”


Was this supposed to be a compliment It kind of sounded like he was saying she was no different from a model, but… It also sounded like he was being a total sexist.

Sukyung tried to push him away with her body, but he refused to let her go. 


Still keeping his voice quiet, Sungwoo asked, 


“Have you ever dated a man before”

“T…that’s none of your business! Please just get out of here.”

“Of course this is my business.

Do you know when a woman looks most beautiful”


Sukyung stopped flailing and tried to turn towards him.

She wanted to look at his face, but all she managed was to see his chin.

There were some subtle stubble there, but overall, his chin was smooth and gorgeous. 


Sungwoo answered his own question,


“It’s when she wants to be embraced by the man she loves.”


His hand left her breast before moving lower to caress her tummy.

Sukyung felt like her skin was being scorched, and she began to pant. 


“You’re a virgin, aren’t you”


As if she was struck by lightning, Sukyung jumped, but Sungwoo still didn’t budge.

She shook her head and tried to elbow him, but Sungwoo remained still like a giant rock.

After a little while, she became too tired to fight anymore.

She ended up leaning on his arms for support. 


Sukyung argued, 


“W…why are you doing this I mean… it… it doesn’t matter, right All you do is work on my clothes, hair, and makeup.”

“Are you serious You’re my special customer.

If I don’t make you perfect, it will ruin my shop’s reputation.

Do you have any idea how hard it was to build this business I don’t want to lose it just because I didn’t do a good job with you.”


Well, this made sense to her.

With a sigh, Sukyung slowly turned around to face him.

This time, Sungwoo let her go, and he faced her. 


Sukyung asked in desperation,


“Be honest.

Do you think I’m hopeless”


If there was no way for her to become beautiful, it was going to be better to just give up now.

A false hope now was going to be poison in the long run.

Sukyung didn’t think she could survive facing another cold disgusted gaze from Jaewon. 


Sungwoo studied Sukyung’s face as if this was the first time he saw her.

His jet-black eyes examined her face before lowering to her breasts, tummy, and even lower.

Trembling, but feeling brave, Sukyung did her best not to look away. 


Leaning towards her a little, Sungwoo touched her chin gently before asking,


“So who is this man”


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