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148: Of Pest and Plagues

Year 167


The wars in the North turned really ugly, as the demons brought out the merged worm-champions.

Worms fused of multiple-champion level demons, these were absolutely massive monsters and they levelled cities quickly.

Again, the two heroes couldn’t be everywhere at once, and although one single hero was enough to defeat these merged worm champions, there were still a few of them, and these worms were smart enough to escape once the heroes were on their tails. 




“They need help.” Kei said.

“I’d imagine Lausanne could do quite a bit of damage to these worms.”


Lausanne shook her head.

“If they are merged champions, probably not.

I fought a champion by myself before, all I did was just drag it on.

I still needed help to win.”


“Maybe, I think Aeon’s powers are stronger, and your linked powers are therefore stronger.”


“True, but it’s still a big, big gap.” Lausanne shrugged.

“And that’s not what I want.”


They have not met Edna for years now, but that was normal.

Kei, Lausanne and Astia have been busy hunting dungeons during their short breaks, but Lausanne had to frequently take time off, to spend time with Lauda.

Lauda, the second child grew up extremely attached to Lausanne, increasingly so these few years, I wonder whether it’s because of her long absence during her dungeon expeditions.


Kei nodded.

She was level 80 now, and she gained the ability to shapeshift her golem form even more, and also some coloration changes.

Fighting the dungeons at the right power levels meant she was earning enough experience.

I was honestly quite amazed that she got so high leveled so quickly, but it seemed she hacked.

She had a skill called [Precious Memories of Stone], which strangely, gave herself a boost to  experience gained. 


Stella was a level 53 [Void Mage], and honestly it a huge mixed bag.

From what I can see, void mages have very few special spells.

The difference she brought was that the usual spells she casted were just ‘twisted’ by the void mana such that they have a slightly more ‘powerful’ impact. 


The issues are also two-fold.

There is no grimoire or manual where Stella can refer to and see what kind of spells used void mana.

So, her best bet was to use existing spells and modify it as she practiced.

Next, void mana was also unstable and she frequently got cursed from it, so its not easy to experiment with void mana either.


Perhaps we just needed to find a [void mana] manual.


Or perhaps ask Vallasira to teach her, since it had void mana.


Why didn’t I think of that before




> I would like to speak to Vallasira again.

< I asked Lilies one day to help communicate the message.


< He would likely only return once the demon king is dead.

As it is, he’s likely to be in another world.



> I see.

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