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144: Getting to the Root of It

Year 161 (continued)


I received strange news from my agents across the other continents.

It seemed that the swift death of the demon king rattled the leadership of the various temples, and theyve sent agents to investigate whether I possessed weapons of incredible destruction.

They didnt think Kei was strong enough to take down a demon king on her own, so their next bet was that I had given her something of tremendous power, or she located some super-powerful artifact. 


They seemed to have spent the last few years attempting to use a range of scrying and spying spells on the Central Continent, but have been unsuccessful.

My [domain] must have deterred most of the spying in the immediate vicinity of Freshka.

I decided to test it out with some mages, and they reported that its impossible to use certain types of spells around the Freshka Valley, and thatdeterrence covers the 3 academies as well. 


The only unprotected academy, in a sense, are my naval academies at the coastal cities, the place where we train new sailors and captains.

One of the flaws of the naval academies is its inherent distance from me, so the effects of my variouspowerleveling abilities is slightly weaker, even with the amplification effects from my Giant Attendant Trees.


So, since their scry spells failed, they attempted to use spies and doublecrossers instead.

They approached a lot of Valthorns with the usual cocktail of espionage.

Girls, money, power, artifacts in exchange of information. 


I wasnt going to hide the fact that I trapped the targeted location with bombs, and that I could somewhat guess the demon kings location.

I mean, that place is even a memorial now, and the tales of the Valthorns bravery in face of mortal danger is one of the recurring new tales most aspiring recruit holds close to their hearts.

So, what was initially secrets among the intelligentsia, became a common folks tale.

The stories of the kingdoms massive bomb arrays went out, it was both scandalous and inspiring at the same time.


Scandalous for the temples, because the larger populace who always thought it was only heroes who could damage the demon kings. 


“It seems the demon kings can be harmed by mortal weapons!”


The temples then had a counter-propaganda problem of their own. 


In the past they have always let the heroes fight the demon king.

Mortals of the world are nothing more than fodder.

But now, the concept that the people of the world could aid in the swift destruction of the demon king was a set of ideas never ever thought possible.


“If so, then does it mean anyone can gain the power to challenge the heroes and demon king” 


A tale of hope and power.

That man can challenge gods.

The core ethos thatonly heroes can defeat demon kings, had been damaged.

If we were to successfully defeat a demon king without any heroes, then we would have thoroughly broken that belief. 


The temples tried to twist it to say it is my blessings that allowed the bombs to harm the demon king, that the demon king remained an enemy of only the divine.


The four temples over the centuries have implicitly told the general populace, toknow your place, that the demon king is not one for mortal men to challenge. 


So, the tale of Jura and Loviss self sacrifice to destroy the demon king was the single best counter for this tale.

That it is possible for natives to rise from their stations, and seize their fate for themselves.

That if there were no summoned heroes, the natives can rise to the challenge.






The tale of the Valthorn Heroes was a hit among the general populace, unlike the tale of the foreign heroes.

The bards and songstresses made different versions, with many embellishments both big and small. 


Hope is a very powerful poison. 


Already the stories swayed the stability of many priests, that their words of Gods suddenly seemed a little hollow. 


“Surely the Gods dont trust us with such power.” The speculation went.

“Thats why the Gods imported their own people.

Its divine nepotism!”


“Why only summoned heroes get gifted powers Why do we who live here, who prayed devotedly to our gods, not deserving of any lesser power Is that fairness”




The nations faced internal conflict from the stories, so much so that the tales were banned.

But banning them just led to them being propagated secretly, and there were no real ways such stories can be stopped with the proliferation of [messages]. 


“The Gods play favourites with their own favourite heroes.

We are just cattle, offering prayers to gods that do not care for us.

If this story is true, and it must be true, it is possible for us to rise and be more than this.”


That led to a small wave of refugees.

The Kingdoms and nations decided that it was better to let those who believed go to the other side, than risk domestic conflict.

If these refugees, empowered by hope, are to take up arms against the kingdom, blood would be spilled.

Sure, they would win, but whats the point


Of course, this pleased me.

Loyal believers from the other continents.

More war potential Sure thing, I need all hands on deck for the next time the demon king lands here. 


The tale was especially popular among enchanters, alchemists and gemmakers, and more than a handful made the journey to the Central Continent, tempted by the chance to participate in making demon king-slaying bombs. 


“These stories are so absurd.” Kei laughed as she heard the tales recounted to her.

“Its so much war-propaganda.”


Stella nodded.

“Its really a military puff piece.

If I was a young hot blooded male with a talent for fighting, or making bombs, Id probably sign up for the Valthorn academy right now.”


“And why did they make me into this superhero” The tale of Kei was also similarly embellished.

I didnt find the tales of Kei exceptionally embellished, when her powers are really, truly, superhero tier stuff.

I mean, magical floating cannon arrays that shoot super power mini-nuke bullets Superhero tier.  


The story had the effect of inspiring locals too.

My chief researcher particularly relished the challenge of creating bombs powerful enough to kill the demon king. 


The day he makes a bomb that powerful, I would have him repeat,Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. Or maybe he would regret it, like how that Alfred Nobel regretted the creation of TNT. 


No matter, we need bombs.

Big ones.

And I will have them. 




Year 162


The Big Deep Dig went on.

Progress was getting slower, as the ground turned more hostile.

Certain areas were filled with hot magma that I could not spawn roots even if I wanted to. 


One odd observation.


The inner part of this world isnt uniformly hot.

I suppose its similar back on Earth, too, since the flow of the inner mantle meant there should be fluctuations.

So, we dug horizontally when we could not go lower. 


I wonder whether I could invent geological survey tools.

It would save me so much time if I could just scan the earth for parts where the solid ground was deepest. 


...I got nothing.


System Thats your cue to give me a skill





I paused and I recall my roots already have some kind of mineral sensing ability and various filtration abilities, but I guess sonar-roots are a step too far, even for the system.

Maybe its a domain ability


I kept digging, and I found strange, large bones.

Naturally, I excavated them and sent them to my [biolabs].

Archeologists will probably frown at my methods, but oh well.

Id like to have ancient dinosaurs, please.

Ancient dragons are fine too. 


Something that quickly turned up was that the bones all bore some kind of damage, claws, swords, there were even little bits of crystals in them. 


I kept digging. 



More bones. 


Strange bones, and as my roots unearthed more bones, I soon found the strangest one of them all.

It was massive.

Each bone was the size of a medium sized tree, and more importantly, each bone had a ton of little gems in it. 


When we placed it in the [biolab] -


I heard a voice and saw a vision- 


An experience similar to that of the ancient tree shard.


The skies burned as the rift opened. 


“We expected this, the coming of the Invaders.

The master astrologers have watched the skies and stars for millennia and have foretold this day.

The day when the demons come to our world.


Minions of the So-Called Gods.


We thought we were well prepared, the might of our dragon empire was unmatched.

But our pride would soon meet its downfall.”


A sky full of stars was instantly ripped apart, and demons poured out of the rift.

But they met resistance, as a flight of dragons rose to fight them.

The demons did not last long against the might of the demons. 


“The Invader Gods were relentless.” 


More demons, and more dragons fell from the skies.

More, and more demons flooded through the rifts.


“We fought.

We destroyed every single one of the demon crystals.” 


I saw images of dragons, they burned the demon crystals, melted them.


“But we could not hunt down every single one, as the invaders came more, and more frequently.

They were crafty, and hid their demonic attunement crystals deep in the ground.

Our master mages could not find all of them.

An invasion that was once centuries turned to one that occurred every few decades.”


More dragons fell, as the rifts widened. 


“We were humbled.

Their numbers were clear, even ants could take down an elephant in sufficient numbers.

Our kind took forever to replenish our numbers, and they could sacrifice millions to take us down.

We could not resist forever.”


Images, visions of dragons battling it out with the demons.

Gruesome, the dragons were all bloodied and injured, and they kept fighting. 


“Each time, more of our fortresses fell, our younglings slaughtered.”


A continent covered with the blood of dragons. 


“We sought a way to end this, but there were none.”


Then, a scene of a massive demon and its accompanying army of demon-drakes. 


“The demons adopted our form.

It was an insult to injury that I could not take.

Our last stand, and we lost.

The world had succumbed to the demons then.”


It was the will, the last words of the dragon etched into the memory of bones.

But when was this There were no humans in that world I could see, were they a society of dragons then The bones, with the little daemolite throughout, were incredibly ancient, as my [biolab] did some tests to make an estimate. 



At least a few hundred thousand years The magical energies that remained in the largest of the dragon bones were unfamiliar, and different.

Were they theprecursors of this world


Seems corny that this world had a dragonic origin.

Or maybe, they were just one of the many earlier races.

Perhaps, they are thedinosaurs of this world. 


We kept digging.




< Are there dragons in the world > I asked Lilies.

I honestly have not seen any.

Except for the demons dragon.

I mean, at this point, dragons are really stuff of ancient legends. 


> I know not of their fate.

I asked Lilies.

I honestly have not seen any.

Except for the demons dragon.

I mean, at this point, dragons are really stuff of ancient legends. 


> I know not of their fate.-

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