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Just as Feng Qing was thinking about how to open the door, she felt a scorching aura leaning towards her.

Before she could react, her feet left the ground and she was picked up by Xie Jiuhan.

Feng Qing immediately struggled in the mans arms.

“Little Jiu Jiu, youre bad.

Put me down quickly.

The smell of engine oil on you is simply suffocating me.”

The mans large hand grabbed the back of Feng Qings head and pressed her face against his chest.

Feng Qings mouth instantly pressed against the mans chest muscles.

Feng Qing : “…”

Feng Qing instantly quietened down and subconsciously held her breath.

The male hormones emanating from the mans body were crazily drilling into her nose.

Feng Qing didnt dare to be careless.

If she was corroded by the mans heat, her body would quickly soften.

Xie Jiuhan couldnt help but raise his chin when he saw Feng Qing turning into a kitten and not moving at all.

He chuckled and said, “You actually despise me Since you think I smell bad, youll be in charge of bathing me.”

The man turned around with Feng Qing in his arms and walked straight to the bathroom.

Feng Qing had already placed the bath water in advance.

The man placed her by the bathtub and sat in it naked, revealing his back to Feng Qing.

The woman sitting behind him had misty eyes.

She folded her hands and rubbed them forcefully with a towel.

It was unknown if she did it on purpose, but his back was red from a few rubs, yet the man did not even grunt.

What Feng Qing did not know was that the little strength she used was equivalent to scratching an itch for him.

Not only did it not hurt the man, but he also sat in the bathtub with a look of enjoyment.

His narrowed eyes were even showing how comfortable he was.

Indeed, if he wanted to have a good bath, his wife had to rub his back.

Very quickly, Feng Qing was almost done with rubbing the mans back.

She thought that it was over, but she saw the man turn over in the bathtub and lie on the edge of the bathtub.

He supported his chin with his hands and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

He looked like a master bathing in the bathhouse.

Feng Qing knew what the man meant, but she still rolled her eyes at the man.

Then, she picked up a bottle of shower gel from the side and smeared it on the mans body with soap.

She used a lot of shower gel and soon, the two of them were soaked in the foam.

All these years, this man had always been the one to serve her.

Today, this mans tail was about to rise to the sky!

When she was washing the mans hair, Feng Qing had an idea and decided to punish the man as a warning for the man to not go overboard.

So Feng Qing styled the shampoo foam on the mans head.

She admired her masterpiece and smiled.

After her styling, Xie Jiuhans head was filled with white foam, like the white wigs on the heads of those foreign judges in movies and dramas.

When Feng Qing was giggling, the man seemed to be possessed by March as he quickly shook his head at her.

Instantly, white foam was everywhere.

“Ah!!!” Caught off guard, Feng Qing was thrown in the face and let out a cry.

She was shocked and angry.

She picked up the foam and threw it at Xie Jiuhans face.

The man leaned on the edge of the bathtub and let Feng Qing do whatever she wanted to him.

Seeing that the man did not resist, Feng Qing instantly had an idea.

She played with the mans hair.

One moment, the mans hair turned into the shape of lightning, and the next moment, it turned into the shape of a battle ax.

In the end, she was addicted to playing.

She separated the mans hair to the side and made a pair of horns.

Looking at Xie Jiuhans abnormally handsome face, Feng Qing instantly laughed until she fell back.

“Little Jiu Jiu, use this hairstyle in the future.

I guarantee that no matter where you go, the number of heads turning will be 100%.

Youll be the most beautiful male ram in the entire Capital!” Feng Qing teased.

Xie Jiuhan laid on the bathtub.

He knew what his image would be without touching it.

He couldnt help but snort.

Looking at the womans gorgeously smiling face, his eyes curved into two crescents.

Xie Jiuhans lips couldnt help but curl up.

Xie Jiuhan asked in a deep voice, “Then did you have fun”

Feng Qing shook her head.

“No, I still have a few styles that I havent made yet.”

As she spoke, she reached out her two hands to grab the mans head.

At this moment, the man grabbed her waist and pressed the back of her head with one hand.

Then, their lips pressed tightly together.

Feng Qings eyes instantly widened, but soon, her face flushed red.


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