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Jiang Hanfei thought about it, and this was indeed the truth.

Only the two knew what happened during Su Yunluo’s out-of-body experience.

They wouldn’t believe it if they told her parents, because it was too unbelievable.

So, they could only wait for a while longer.


That evening, Mother Su sought out Su Yunluo for a chat.


“Luo Luo, are you with Hanfei” Mother Su cut to the chase.


Su Yunluo was stunned and covered up by speaking, “Mom, why are you asking this all of a sudden”


“Just tell me if you are!” Mother Su spoke.


Under Mother Su’s ‘questioning,’ Su Yunluo admitted.

“But, mom, how did you see that”


“Hanfie has been coming to our house a lot during this time, and his eyes cannot wait to glue to you whenever he sees you.

Moreover, your lips are still red,” Mother Su said with a meaningful look.


Su Yunluo subconsciously touched her lips and then cautiously spoke, “Mom, what do you think about us being together”


“Hanfei is a good young man, and he is also sincere with you, so I can see that you can be happy together.

But Luo Luo, I want to ask you.

Have you really decided to let go of Xiangchen” Mother Su looked at her worriedly


The mother understood her daughter’s nature and had loved Xu Xiangchen for so many years, so it was impossible to put things down just by saying so.

Although she was now with Jiang Hanfei, her mom was still worried.


“Mom, don’t worry.

I have already let go of Xu Xiangchen.

I was the one who was dead set on being with him.

I have figured it out now.

I don’t like him anymore, so let him go.

The most important is that I am happy now,” Su Yunluo looked straight.


“So, how are you and Hanfei getting along” Mother Su asked.


“Brother Hanfei is very good, and I am pleased with him!” Su Yunluo was a little shy.


Looking at Su Yunluo with a young girl attitude, Mother Su finally felt relieved.

“Let’s find time for him to come home for a formal dinner.”


When Su Yunluo left the room, Su Yunluo called Jiang Hanfei, “When are you free Your mother-in-law wants to invite you for a meal”


Jiang Hanfei was stunned, then ecstatic.

“I’m available anytime! By the way, do I need to bring any gifts”


Listening to the man’s excited voice on the other end of the phone, Su Yunluo spoke amusedly, “Just come.

My mother doesn’t care about that.

Besides, you’ve been to my house so many times.

Do you need to be so polite,”


“How can that be It’s my first visit as your boyfriend,” Jiang Hanfei said.


Ultimately, Jiang Hanfei came to visit with a big bag of gifts.


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