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Recently, Su Yunluo felt that something was wrong with her.

Not only was she sleeping longer and longer, but the color of her soul was also slowly fading.


Jiang Hanfei, who had always paid attention to her, also noticed something was wrong with Su Yunluo.

“Luo Luo, what’s going on” He held Su Yunluo’s hand tightly and feared that she would disappear once he let go of her.


“I don’t know,” Su Yunluo shook her head with a pale face.

“But I guess I’m probably going back to my body.”


Jiang Hanfei was happy and worried.

He was happy because Su Yunluo was about to return to her body, and he was worried because if Su Yunluo couldn’t return, how should he find her So, Jiang Hanfei also did not go to work, and he stayed with Su Yunluo all day and was particularly nervous when the wind blew.


One night, the two were sitting quietly on the sofa watching TV.

Su Yunluo suddenly felt that her body was getting lighter and hurriedly spoke, “Brother Hanfei, I may have to go back.”


Jiang Hanfei looked at the person in his arms, only to see the color on her body getting lighter and lighter and finally disappearing completely from his arms!


“Luo Luo!” He spoke in panic, yet Su Yunluo had already disappeared.


Jiang Hanfei calmed down and immediately drove to the hospital.


And at this moment, in the hospital ward.


Mother Su was scrubbing Su Yunluo’s body when she suddenly noticed that Su Yunluo’s fingers moved! She suspected she was mistaken and wiped her eyes, only to find that her fingers were moving!


“Old Su.

You quickly come over and look.

Luo Lu.

Luo Lu’s fingers are moving.” Mother Su’s voice was full of excitement.


Father Su hurried up to see Su Yunluo’s fingers moving in small increments.

He was overjoyed, “Quickly, call the doctor.” He hurriedly rang the bell on the wall and was afraid that the doctor had not noticed, so he rushed out of the ward.


Soon, the doctor and nurse came.

The doctor took a stethoscope to examine her, and the nurse looked at the heart monitoring chart on the side.


Slowly, Su Yunluo opened her eyes.

Seeing this, her parents almost cried with joy.


Only Su Yunluo quickly closed her eyes again.

The parents were anxious.

“Doctor, what is going on here”


The doctor examined Su Yunluo before answering, “Mr.

Su, Mrs.

Su, there is no need to worry.

Miss Su waking up means she is fine but frail right now, and that’s why she fell asleep again.”


And Jiang Hanfei, who came in a hurry, also heard these words and was equally joyful inside.


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