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A warm touch came on her lips, which made Su Yunluo’s eyes widen in surprise.

Jiang Hanfei kissed her with care.

When he saw that she did not push him away, he was delighted, and his tongue tentatively went in along the woman’s slightly opened lips.


She was so soft and sweet that Jiang Hanfei couldn’t help but tighten his arms around her waist and kiss her even deeper.

It was only after a long time that Jiang Hanfei let her go.


“Brother Hanfei, what do you mean by this” Su Yunluo bit her lips and sat on his lap.


Only when the tide of emotion in his body subsided did Jiang Hanfei speak, “Luo Luo, I like you.

Would you consider being with me” The man’s voice was low and charming, and his eyes were focused on her, with apprehension written under them.


The waiting time seemed to be as long as a century.

Su Yunluo spoke with some hesitation, “But, don’t you already have someone you like”


Jiang Hanfei was stunned, then reacted to what he said on the show and spoke softly, “Luo Luo, the person I am talking about is you.”


“Ah” Su Yunluo was surprised, “I thought”


“Luo Luo, don’t doubt.

I really like you.

I know that Xiangchen hurt you badly, but isn’t there a saying that the best way to forget someone is to start a new relationship.

I can feel that you actually like me a little.” Jiang Hanfei slowly spoke.


Su Yunluo, as if poked in the heart, blushed.


“Luo Luo, I will take good care of you and won’t let you get hurt again.

So, please give me a chance, OK” The man looked at her, and the expectation was written in his eyes.


Su Yunluo was silent for a long time and finally decided, “Okay.

I’ll believe you this once.”

When the woman replied, Jiang Hanfei was overjoyed.

“Great, Luo Luo.” He hugged the woman tightly.


Jiang Hanfei had been prepared to be rejected by Su Yunluo when he confessed, but he didn’t expect her to agree! This made him excited and determined in his heart to love her and spoil her so that she could not leave him.


After the relationship was established, Jiang Hanfei was like a “Twenty-four Filial Exemplars” boyfriend, pampering Su Yunluo to the heavens and always putting her in the most important position.

Under such a high concentration of pampering, even icebergs would melt, not to mention that Su Yunluo was not an iceberg.


So, Jiang Hanfei found that Su Yunluo’s eyes had more and more of his shadow, and she blushed when she looked at him.

This meant that Jiang Hanfei’s weight in Su Yunluo’s heart was getting heavier and heavier, and she would definitely fall in love with him entirely in time!


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