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“Director Jiang is modest.

I heard that during the shooting of this drama, there was a haunting incident.

What do you say about this matter” The host asked about the topic that everyone was interested in.


The previous haunting incident was unintentionally told by one of the crew members.

At that time, Xu Peipei sent out a statement on Weibo that she was scared with a photo of herself going to the hospital to see a psychiatrist.

Therefore, it caused a wave of discussion.

The media also picked up the dramatic pictures of Xu Peipei during the shooting, which confirmed the authenticity of the haunting.


After that, the news of “Jiang Hanfei’s crew is haunted” became the headline for several days, and Xu Peipei became popular, but it didn’t last long.

Jiang Hanfei posted a lawyer’s letter on Weibo, confirming that the incident was a “rumor” and that Xu Peipei’s agency was behind it.

At the same time, he also posted photos of Xu Peipei’s agent and media contacts.


The netizens flocked to Xu Peipei’s Weibo account to scold her and her agency.

Xu Peipei apologized quickly, admitting that they did it for the sake of exposure and asking the public to forgive them.


However, netizens did not buy it and later revealed all kinds of black information about Xu Peipei.

These included stealing roles, blatantly slapping actresses on set, going to and from hotels with wealthy businessmen, etc.

In no time, the image of the agency and Xu Peipei hit rock bottom, and the agency stopped the damage in time and hid Xu Peipei.

So far, Xu Peipei’s career was considered ruined.


“In fact, I don’t know why there is this rumor.

How can there be ghosts in this world If there is a ghost, how come all the people present did not see it, only Miss Xu saw it It doesn’t make sense.

But anyway, thanks to Miss Xu’s wonderful performance in the movie.” Jiang Hanfei was a bit helpless.


In fact, Jiang Hanfei did not want to be so desperate.

After all, Xu Peipei was initially frightened, and to compensate her, he promised to introduce her to a good role, a great opportunity many actors could not get.

Unfortunately, she was greedy and even tried to use this incident to hype a wave of popularity.

Jiang Hanfei hated the idea of someone using his movie to speculate, not to mention that it was about Su Yunluo, so he would not let this happen.


But Xu Peipei was too arrogant and offended many people in the circle.

He only made a slight movement behind the scenes, but all the black material about her was none of his business.

It could only be said that people had to see the good and not get ahead of themselves.

Otherwise, they would regret it.


At the end of the talk show, the host asked one of the most concerning questions, “May I ask if Director Jiang has a girlfriend”


“No.” His answer disappointed the audience, but soon he dropped a heavy bomb, “but I already have someone I like.

I can’t reveal it for now.

I’ll tell you when I have good news,” he said, ending the interview.


That evening, “Jiang has a sweetheart” became the headlines of the entertainment industry.


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