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After the charity event was over, Wen Nanjin took Su Yunluo home.

     “Brother Nanjin, thank you for sending me home.” Su Yunluo unbuckled her belt and was about to get out of the car.

     “Wait a moment.

I got something for you.” Wen Nanjin said out of the blue. 

     Su Yunluo stopped and looked at him with an air of perplexity.

He pulled the pink diamond box out of his pocket, “This is for you.”

     She was flattered and waved her hand repeatedly, “No, this is too expensive.

I cannot accept that.

     Wen Nanjin handed over the box, “Take it.

I was about to give you a gift.

You liked it, right

     Su Yunluo couldn’t keep herself from crying just because she said she liked it.

He gave her such an expensive present.

Su Yunluo was touched.

     “Brother Nanjin, that is very expensive.

I can’t accept it.” 

     Su Yunluo kept on excusing.

     “You deserve this.

Think of it as my gift of gratitude for your willingness to be my companion.”

     “You’re giving me such a big gift for just being your companion.

Wouldn’t that be a loss, brother Nanjin” Su Yunluo winked.

     “Luoluo might as well get me a present.”

     “So, what does brother Nanjin want from me” asked Su Yunluo.

     “Well.” Wen Nanjin was seriously thinkin’.

     “How about you be my girlfriend, so I’ll give you this gift.” 

     He seemed to be joking, even though his eyes revealed that he was serious.

Su Yunluo was stunned, then laughed out.

     “Brother Nanjin, come on.

How can I be a girlfriend to you It’s not going to work.”

     Su Yunluo had feelings for Wen Nanjin but not to the extent of loving him.

She couldn’t put up with it right now.

     Wen Nanjin’s eyes flickered from the loss, and he calmed down again.

Anyway, Luoluo was now single, so he had another shot.

     “All right, no more foolishness on your part.

My gift has been given out.

There’s no reason to take it back.

Otherwise, I’ll be upset.” Wen Nanjin made a disgruntled face.

     “Alright then.

I’m going to take it.

Thanks, Brother Nanjin.” Su Yunluo said sincerely.

     Su Yunluo got out of the car and turned back to say farewell to Wen Nanjin.

With each passing day, Su Yunluo was still busy with her studio. 

     That day, she received an overseas call, “Hello, Betty, how are you”

     “Teacher Michelle, I’m fine.

How are you doing” Su Yunluo asked with concern.

     Michelle was Su Yunluo’s teacher when she was an international student.

Both phoned and communicated from time to time.

     “I’m fine.

I’ve been busy with the runway recently.

By the way, I’m calling this time with good news.” Michelle’s voice was excited.

     “What’s the good news” Su Yunluo’s voice was full of anticipation.

     “The design that you sent me last time was preferred by the L country fashion show organizers.

They invited you to come to this show.”

     “Really Great!” Su Yunluo was very excited. 

     She never thought she’d be so lucky to be chosen by the L country fashion show.

     That nation was the fashion capital of the world.

A lot of fashion designers were desperate for their clothes to show up in the country’s showrooms. 

     Having received such a precious opportunity also meant a big step in the dream to become a famous fashion designer.

     “Sure, it is true.

I got your invite here.

It’s next Saturday, so are you coming over” Michelle asked.

     “Of course I’ll be there,” agreed Su Yunluo without hesitating.

     “Everything is settled, then.

I can’t wait to see you next week.” Michelle hung up the phone with joy.

     When she got home, Su Yunluo shared the good news with her own family, who were all very happy for her.

     Then she started to prepare herself for her trip to the L country.

The fashion show was on the following Saturday, and one had to go there early to find out what was going on.

     So Su Yunluo booked her flight for the next day.

     The night before the trip, she got a call from Wen Nanjin, “Luoluo, your brother told me you were invited to the Country L fashion show.”

     “Yes, the fashion show is scheduled for Saturday.

I’ll be there tomorrow.” Su Yunluo was in a good mood.

     “Congratulations, Luoluo.

It looks like Luoluo is about to become a celebrity.” Wen Nanjin laughed.

     “Brother Nanjin, don’t poke fun at me.

I’m nervous.” 

     Su Yunluo’s tone of voice unconsciously brought a little coquettishness.

     “Don’t get jumpy, relax.

I’m sure you can do it.” Wen Nanjin said to cheer her up.

     “Mm… I know.”

     “Go to bed early.

You have to fly tomorrow.

Good night.” Wen Nanjin bade her good night.

     “Good night.” Su Yunluo put the phone down.


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