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“It’s been a long time.

I just went to see Luo Luo,” Jiang Hanfei smiled and laughed.


At that word, guilt flashed across Xu Xiangchen’s face.

Then, Bai Yunyun, from behind, walked forward and held Xu Xiangchen’s arm affectionately.

“Long time no see, Brother Jiang.”


The first time Xu Xiangchen fell in love with her, he introduced her to his good buddies, including him.


Jiang Hanfei smiled.

“Long time no see.

I thought that sister would not come back.

After all, that incident was a big deal.”


Bai Yunyun’s face stiffened for a moment.

“Brother is joking.

I have no intention of leaving this time, and I am pregnant with Xianchen’s child.

Brother should come to drink our wedding wine when the time comes.”


Not long after leaving the country at the beginning, Bai Yunyun regretted it.

She also made several boyfriends abroad.

However, all those men only lusted after her beauty and did not like her.

In this way, she missed Xu Xiangchen even more than she did.


When she returned from her studies, she learned from an acquaintance about Xu Xiangchen’s current situation and knew that he had a fiancée and they were about to get married! Bai Yunyun was very unwilling.

She secretly inquired about the fiancée and learned it was Xu Xiangchen’s teacher’s daughter.

Also, she had secretly observed Su Yunluo, a simple little girl and not her match.

So, she was relieved.


Bai Yunyun found an opportunity to appear before his eyes.

She seized Xu Xiangchen’s soft-heartedness and told him how hard it was for her to be abroad and that there wasn’t a day she didn’t miss him or something like that.

As a matter of fact, Xu Xiangchen’s original attitude of firmly refusing her became a little shaky.

She took the opportunity to get him intoxicated, and the two of them had a sexual relationship.


This scene “just happened” to be seen by Su Yunluo.

Su Yunluo angrily broke up with Xu Xiangchen.

Bai Yunyun did not immediately force Xu Xiangchen to take responsibility but only said that she would not bother him again so that he could rest assured, and then she disappeared.


Perhaps the heavens wanted to help her.

Su Yunluo unexpectedly had a car accident, and she was pregnant with Xu Xiangchen’s child because of that night.

The person in the way could not wake up, and she had a child as a bargaining chip.

It was only logical that Xu Xiangchen would choose her.


Although Xu Xiangchen could not accept her for a while, she believed that with her sincerity, she would be able to impress him again.

Bai Yunyun looked at Xu Xiangchen and smiled with a happy face.


“Sure, sure, but sister should keep an eye on Xianchen.

He’s not a good drinker, so he might get drunk and go to bed with another woman one day.” Jiang Hanfei implied.


On hearing this, Xu Xiangchen and Bai Yunyun were both a little embarrassed on their faces.

Jiang Hanfei didn’t bother to talk to them and turned around to leave.


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