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In the ward.


It had been exactly three months since Su Yunluo was in a coma.

During this period, Xu Xiangchen came to see her once and did not appear again, which made Father Su and Mother Su furious.


Her parents hired a caregiver to take better care of Su Yunluo, and her mother resigned from school to take turns taking care of her with the caregiver.

As for Father Su, he went to work as usual.

After all, he had to support the family, but when he was free, he ran to the hospital.


Su Yunluo’s vital signs tend to be stable, but there was no sign of waking up.

So, Mother Su and the caregiver insisted on massaging her hands and feet and rubbing her body daily.

Therefore, despite being thinner, Su Yunluo looked no different from an average person.


“Ma’am, how is Luo Luo’s condition” As soon as Jiang Hanfei got off the plane, he rushed to the hospital.


“The doctor said that Luo Luo’s condition is generally stable now, but whether she can wake up or not is still an unknown.” Mother Su looked a bit gloomy.



You can relax.

Luo Luo is so filial and knows that you and the teacher are worried about her, so she will definitely wake up.” Jiang Hanfei spoke up to comfort.


“I hope so,” Mother Su sighed.


Su Yunluo looked at the haggard Mother Su and felt heartbroken.

She hugged her tightly behind her back, even though Mother Su could not touch her.


When the two walked to the hospital lobby, they saw Xu Xiangchen, whom they had not seen for a long time.

He was in a hurry, his face looked a little impatient, and not far behind him, a woman called out to him urgently, “Xianchen, wait for me.” That woman was none other than Bai Yunyun.


Xu Xiangchen stopped, his face full of annoyance, “I thought I told you not to look for me”

At that, Bai Yunyun looked aggrieved.

“But, you have not come to see me for a long time, and I miss you very much.

And the baby in my belly also wants to see its dad.” She proudly stroked her flat belly.


Bai Yunyun was pregnant The emotions belonging to the protagonist made Su Yunluo’s face a little pale.

Jiang Hanfei watched, saddened, and became even angrier at the two people in front of him.


Xu Xiangchen seemed to feel something and looked to his side and saw Jiang Hanfei, who had a mocking face.

He walked over and opened his mouth somewhat awkwardly to say hello, “Hanfei.”


When Su Yunluo saw him coming, she hid behind Jiang Hanfei in disgust.

She obviously didn’t want to see him.


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