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Jiang Hanfei took it to the fitting room to change, and Su Yunluo waited for him at the door.

When Jiang Hanfei came out of the fitting room, Su Yunluo was amazed.

“Brother Hanfei, you look outstanding in ancient clothes there.”


Hearing the woman’s appreciation, Jiang Hanfei was very happy inside, but he didn’t show it on the surface.


After changing clothes, the two walked out of the store.

Su Yunluo tugged on Jiang Hanfei’s sleeve, and the two walked down the street, admiring all kinds of lanterns.


When passing a particular place on the street, Jiang Hanfei was attracted by something on the stall and stopped in his tracks.


“Sir, please feel free to take a look.” The vendor showed a modest smile.


The stall was full of things, primarily earrings, jade pearls, embroidered handkerchiefs, and other items commonly used by ancient women.

Jiang Hanfei looked at a hairpin, “This hairpin.”


On hearing that, the peddler told him, “This hairpin is handmade by my wife.

The workmanship is fine, and the lotus flower is carved on it.

It is very suitable to give to your girlfriend as a gift.

Moreover, men gave it to women in ancient times as a token of love.”


The more Jiang Hanfei looked at it, the more he liked it.

He thought this hairpin was suitable for Su Yunluo and decided to buy it immediately.

On the other hand, Su Yunluo was attracted by the stall next to her, so she ignored what Jiang Hanfei had accepted.


The two continued to stroll when something seemed to happen ahead of them.

Everyone surged forward, and Jiang Hanfei and Su Yunluo have accidentally swept apart.


“Luo Luo.” Jiang Hanfei shouted loudly in anxiety.


Su Yunluo was also anxious.

She could see Jiang Hanfei in the crowd not far away, but there were too many people, so she was squeezed and squeezed farther and farther away.

On top of that, she was stepped on several times, which hurt her.

She could also feel the pain as a ghost, although only temporarily.

For her, she was convinced.


Su Yunluo waited for him at the door.

After more than half an hour, Jiang Hanfei found her, “Luo Luo.

finally saw you.”


“I’m sorry, Brother Hanfei, for making you worry.” Su Yunluo looked sorry.


“It’s okay.

As long as the person is okay,” Jiang Hanfei spoke.


“By the way, this is for you,” Jiang Hanfei gave her the box with the hairpin.


Su Yunluo opened it and looked at it, “What a beautiful hairpin.”


“Do you like it This is a gift for you.

You’ve worked hard following me on set this time.” Jiang Hanfei was afraid that Su Yunluo wouldn’t accept it and made an excuse.


“I like it very much.

Thank you, Brother Hanfei.” Su Yunluo spoke.


Seeing Su Yunluo accept the hairpin, Jiang Hanfei felt a hidden joy inside, and the smile at the corner of his mouth could not be suppressed.


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