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Chapter 50.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


“Then does Luo Luo know why this is happening”Jiang Hanfei then spoke.


Su Yunluo shook her head, looking a bit gloomy.

“I don’t know, and I can’t go back to my body for a while.”


Jiang Hanfei comforted her, “It’s okay.

I will help you find a way to go back.”


Su Yunluo just wanted to say something, but her face suddenly paled.

Jiang Hanfei looked nervous, “Luo Luo, what’s wrong Where are you not feeling well”


Su Yunluo smiled weakly, “Brother Hanfei, I’m fine.

Let me rest for a while.”


After a while, Su Yunluo’s face finally returned to normal.

Then she spoke with a troubled look, “Brother Hanfei, you may not believe me, and the only person who can see me now is you.

Besides, the state of my soul body is fragile now, but it will recover when I am near you.

I have to follow you during this time.”


Jiang Hanfei froze, then expressed his understanding, “It’s okay.

You can follow me during this time, and I will also care for the teacher and your mother’s end.” Su Yunluo looked at him with a grateful face.


That night, Su Yunluo followed Jiang Hanfei to the hospital.

Father Su and Mother Su were guarding the hospital bed, and when they saw him, they smiled, “Hanfei is here.”


“Teacher and Ma’am.

I don’t think you have eaten anything yet.

Just now, I bought some food on the way, so let’s have some.” Jiang Hanfei took the rice to them.


The parents wolfed a few bites and couldn’t finish it.

They looked at their daughter in the hospital bed, hoping she would open her eyes.

Su Yunluo looked at the haggard appearance on the two old people’s faces and felt heartbroken.


When they returned to the apartment, the two had a difficult time with sleeping matter.

Jiang Hanfei’s apartment originally had three rooms: the main bedroom, the second bedroom, and the guest room.

However, the second bedroom and the guest room had been converted into a study and a recreation room, leaving only one master bedroom.


Jiang Hanfei originally wanted to give her the room to sleep and go to study by himself, but he saw Su Yunluo blurted out with a hesitant face, “Brother Hanfei, if you don’t mind, let’s sleep together.

The weather is also getting cooler now, and you can easily catch a cold while sleeping on the floor.

I will sleep very peacefully and won’t disturb you.”


After hesitating for a while, Jiang Hanfei nodded in agreement.

Two people sleep in the same bed, separated by a blanket.

Su Yunluo’s soul body was weak, plus she was exhausted, and soon fell asleep.


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