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Chapter 49.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Jiang Hanfei thought he was so drunk that he saw a vision and boldly hugged the girl tightly, “Luo Luo.”


The girl struggled in shock, “Hanfei, let go of me first.”


However, the intoxicated man did not listen to her and hugged the girl tighter.

“Don’t go, Luo Luo.

Let me hold you for a while.” The girl saw she could not break free, so she had to let him.


The man took advantage of his drunkenness to vent his long-hidden feelings.

“Luo Luo.

I have liked you for a long time.

That time you and I met.

I was always bullying you.

Actually just want you to pay more attention to me.

Don’t always look at A’Chen.”


“Later, you and A’Chen got together.

I feel heartbroken, but still, I wish you well.

But A’Chen betrayed you and caused you to be in a coma from a car accident.

I really regret it, and I didn’t protect you well.


I love you so much.”


Su Yunluo helped the drunken man to the bed.

She was getting tired and sweaty.

Looking at the man on the bed, Su Yunluo had an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

[System, why do I feel that he is familiar It’s like we’ve met before.]


The system was startled and did not answer.

It was good that the man in the bed moved, so Su Yunluo was too busy taking care of him to notice its silence.


The next day, the man woke up from his hangover.

His head was still aching a bit.

He sat up from the bed and thought back to last night.

He remembered being drunk, then seeing Luo Luo and saying many things to her.

Then, Jiang Hanfei smiled: He must have been drunk last night.

How could Luo Luo appear here when she was still lying unconscious in the hospital



How did Jiang Hanfei hear movement coming from the kitchen Jiang Hanfei was puzzled and walked towards the kitchen, only to see an incredible scene: Su Yunluo was happily humming in his kitchen, with a spoon in her hand stirring in the pot, and her body was still floating!


Su Yunluo noticed and turned back to see Jiang Hanfei standing in the kitchen doorway.

She was so scared that she dropped the spoon into the pot.


Brother Hanfei,” Su Yunluo stumbled and called him.


“Luo Luo” Jiang Hanfei also spoke and called back to her testily.


“It’s me,” Su Yunluo put up a smile.


Then, Su Yunluo described the matter to him.

Surprisingly, Jiang Hanfei believed in such a bizarre situation without even thinking about it.


“Brother Hanfei, don’t you even have any doubts Just trust me like that” Su Yunluo spoke cautiously.


“I believe.

As long as it’s what you say.” Jiang Hanfei did not hesitate, and his eyes were sincere.


“Thank you for the willingness to believe me,” Su Yunluo said, showing a genuine smile.


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