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  “Ha! You have no eyes.

You bumped me.” A shrill female voice rang out.

     “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Another woman’s voice wept slightly.

     Su Yunluo was not far away.

She came up and saw a charming girl aggressively scolding the girl that ran into her. 

     At the same time, the girl was desperately apologizing, but unfortunately, she did not accept her apology.

     “My clothes have been wrinkled.

Can you just say sorry I could care less about that.

You must make up for it.” The lovely girl was ruthless.

     That girl raised her head, and only then did Su Yunluo see clearly.

     ‘Wasn’t that Mu Yuqing Where did Qi Yunxuan go How can Mu Yuqing be bullied here’

     “Then, this young lady, what do you think… should be done” Mu Yuqing asked timidly.

     The charming girl’s eyes rolled.

     “Let’s say, looking at you like you’re poor, I’m afraid you can’t afford to pay for this dress.

I am a generous woman, so long as you kneel and prostrate before me now to admit your mistake.”

     Mu Yuqing appeared shocked.

That was too much to ask.

The charming girl seemed overbearing. 

     “Why You don’t want to do that You pay for it, 10 million.”

     She obviously made things difficult for Mu Yuqing, but nobody around her was even willing to help. 

     Mu Yuqing felt so embarrassed that she was about to cry.

Then she saw Su Yunluo standing nearby and looked at her for help.

     Su Yunluo sighed.

She really wanted to ignore her, but Mu Yuqing was asking for help.

     “Forget it.

Give her a hand once.”

     She walked over to Mu Yuqing, “This lady, she has apologized to you, and she also stained her clothes.

I feel that each of you should take a step back.”

     “What did you just… actually…” The charming girl said halfway through, only to see that it was Su Yunluo.

     “Su…Miss Su…”

     “This lady, Miss Mu, didn’t mean to bump into you, and she had apologized to you, so just forgive her.” Su Yunluo spoke again.

     “Luoluo, what happened” Wen Nanjin saw the commotion and came over.

     The charming girl’s face suddenly changed.

The Su family and the Wen family were the two she could never afford to provoke.

Her company still cooperated with the Wen family, so she couldn’t offend these two because of such a woman.

     “Forget it, for Miss Su’s sake.

I won’t trouble myself with her.” The charming girl barely said.

     “Then I thanked this lady.” Su Yunluo smiled.

     Once it was solved, everyone dispersed. 

     “Thank you, Ms.Su.” Mu Yuqing thanked her.

     She shook her head, “Your dress is dirty.

Do you need me to take you to the dressing room”

     “Then I have to trouble Miss Su.” Mu Yuqing spoke weakly.

     “Brother Nanjin, I’ll take her to deal with it and come back to you later.” Wen Nanjin nodded.

     In the dressing room, Su Yunluo carefully helped her deal with the stains on her dress.

     “Miss Mu, get it done.” Su Yunluo raised her head and found Mu Yuqing staring at her dumbly.

     “Miss Mu.

Miss Mu.” Su Yunluo reached out and waved her hand in front of her.

Mu Yuqing regained her wits and blushed lightly.

     “Miss Su, I have truly disturbed you.”

     “No need to be polite.

It’s just a small matter.” Su Yunluo smiled.

     Mu Yuqing hesitated for a moment before talking slowly, “Miss Su, I am so sorry.

I didn’t mean to ruin you and the president.

I… I really didn’t know that you had a marriage contract.

I… I just…”

     Mu Yuqing wanted to explain, but the more she explained, the more confused she grew.

     When she got so anxious that she didn’t know what to do, Su Yunluo said, “Miss Mu, you don’t have to explain.

I don’t like him anymore, and the marriage contract has been broken.

I have nothing to do with him now, so you can safely be with him.”

     “Miss Su.” Mu Yuqing looked at her in a daze.

     Su Yunluo smiled, “Is there anything else”

     “No… no more…” Mu Yuqing said.

     The charity gala would soon begin when Su Yunluo left the dressing room.

Su Yunluo found Wen Nanjin and sat next to him.

     The charity gala intended to donate the funds raised from the auctioned items to the mountain region.

      The first auction item was an antique vase that started at $500,000 and was sold to a middle-aged man for $2 million.

     Then came Xu Beihong’s calligraphy and painting.

The opening bid was $1 million, and they eventually sold it for $3 million.

     The later the item was auctioned, the higher the starting bid got.

When they unveiled the last object of the auction, all the women on the scene gasped.

     It was a pink diamond necklace that shined brilliantly under the light.

     “What a lovely necklace.” Su Yunluo could not help but breathe with admiration.

     “You like it” Wen Nanjin asked.

     “Yes, I like it a little.

It must be expensive, though.

Just watch.” Su Yunluo replied.

     Sure enough, the starting price for this necklace was $15 million.

Su Yunluo thought that not many people would want to buy it, but many people bid.

     “$20 million.”

     “$23 million.”


     “$50 million.”

     [Anyone else wants to raise the price $50 million once, $50 million twice.]

     When the auctioneer was about to hammer the deal, Su Yunluo saw Wen Nanjin raise the sign in his hand and said lightly, “$80 million.”

     [God, it’s already shouted at $80 million.

Who else wants to go up $80 million once, twice… Sold!]

     The auctioneer hammered the board, [Congratulations to the gentleman who bought the pink diamond for $80 million.]

     Wen Nanjin stood up calmly and received the box containing the auction house’s pink diamond.


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