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Chapter 48.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



In the intensive care unit.


“Oooh, my poor daughter.” A middle-aged beauty sat by the hospital bed and sobbed in a low voice.


The middle-aged man beside the beautiful woman spoke up to comfort, “There.

Don’t cry.

Our daughter has become like this, and we can’t crumble.

Or else how can we take care of her”


“Husband, our daughter will definitely wake up, right” The woman’s eyes were full of hope.



We have to trust the doctors,” the man said, but he felt that there was little hope.


The two people looked at the young woman lying in the hospital bed.

The woman was about twenty-four or twenty-five, pale but could not hide her beautiful appearance.

However, the woman who should be vibrant was lying here due to an accident, and it was unknown whether she would wake up.


On the side, Su Yunluo looked at the scene before her and felt shocked.

What shocked her the most was that the woman on the hospital bed looked exactly like her!


Su Yunluo urgently called the system [System, what the hell is going on here!]





The woman on the hospital bed is you in this world.] System stammered in reply.


[Then this is my soul out of the body] Su Yunluo continued to press the issue.


[In a sense, it is.

But host, you are different from those ordinary souls because you are a living soul.] The system spoke.


What was a living soul Su Yunluo was confused by its remarks.


The system slowly said [The so-called living soul refers to the human body because of artificial or objective factors.

The living soul is different from others and can walk freely in the sunlight like a person doing the same things.

Will also feel pain the same as people, except that others can not see it.]


Su Yunluo nodded in understanding, [when can I return to this body]


The system looked troubled [Host, your current state of soul is fragile.

For a while, you can not return to your body.]


Su Yunluo also sensed her state.

She spoke, no longer making things difficult for it [Tell me briefly about the plot of this world.]


So, the system transmitted the story of this world to her: The original Su Yunluo came from a scholarly family.

Grandparents and parents were famous in education, whereas the male lead Xu Xiangchen and supporting male Jiang Hanfei were Father Su’s students.


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