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Chapter 47.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Su Yunluo saw that Mother Su was still sullen, so she changed the subject and talked about her wedding.

Mother Su understood her daughter’s meaning and stopped thinking about it, and she spoke to her about the details related to the wedding.


Su Yunluo was sitting in the living room writing wedding invitations, and from time to time, she distracted herself by glancing at Gu Mian Mian beside her.


Gu Mian Mian was eight months old and loved to laugh and crawl.

Also, she crawled very fast and would go away if she didn’t pay attention.

So, Su Yunluo used a fence to enclose a large area in the living room, which was covered with soft cushions.

Adults could sit inside and work, and the baby could play without crawling far away.


Su Yunluo was writing well when suddenly the hem of her dress was tugged.

She looked down and saw Gu Mian Mian tugging at her dress, her mouth speaking a language she didn’t know and showing a few baby teeth.


Su Yunluo held her in her arms and gave her a kiss.

Little Gu Mian Mian only knew how to giggle, and her little hands were clapping straight.


“What is our little Mian Mian happy about Are you happy because mommy and daddy are going to have a wedding” Su Yunluo smiled gently.


“When the time comes, little Mian Mian will be mommy and daddy’s flower girl, okay” Su Yunluo shook Gu Mian Mian’s little hand.



Oh,” Gu Mian Mian made a single sound to express her thoughts.


“Our Mian Mian promised, didn’t she What a good baby.

Let mommy give her a kiss.” Su Yunluo picked her up and gave her a kiss.

Gu Mian Mian then giggled.


Gu Yiyin, who had just returned home, looked at this loving scene, and his face softened.

In the end, Yang Peishan and Su Yunting got divorced.

Yang Pei Shan took the child home, and her father helped take care of the child; Su Yunting resigned from the company of Mr.

Yang’s family and went abroad to explore.

He did not even come back for Su Yunluo’s wedding but sent her a wedding gift.

Mother Su inevitably felt slightly disappointed, but the next day was Su Yunluo’s wedding; she was still pleased.


The following day, Su Yunluo was called up to do her makeup.

Because of nervousness, she didn’t sleep much the night before, but she still had a good spirit.


The man and woman could not meet for three days before the wedding, so Su Yunluo went to live in the hotel three days ago.


She put on her makeup, put on her wedding dress, and just sat on the bed quietly waiting.

Mother Su sat to chat with her to ease her emotions, and there was her circle of sisters in the room discussing how to make things difficult for the groom.


After a while, there was a commotion at the door, and the groom came over to pick her up.

The bridesmaids made it difficult for Gu Yiyin, but they were easily defeated.

Later, the groomsmen said all the right things and gave red envelopes, so they were let in.


Su Yunluo just sat there, watching Gu Yiyin step towards her.

The smile at the corner of his lips was gentle and intoxicating, “Luo Luo, I came to pick you up.”


Su Yunluo looked at him with a happy smile.


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