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Chapter 46.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada




The two people’s intercourse was already a mess.

Love juice was ground into a circle of white foam clinging at the entrance of her point, and the two flower lips got slightly turned outward by the insertion.

The opening of her hole clenched tightly on the man’s s*x organ with one contraction after another.


Su Yunluo’s eyes couldn’t help but shed physical tears.

Her red lips were blocked by the man’s thin lips repeatedly sucking and kissing.

The fluid she failed to swallow hung at the corners of her mouth.


The man fiercely impaled, all in, all out, deep into the woman’s center.

He pounded that spot, again and again, loosening and making it soft, bubbling the nectar out.


After kissing the woman’s red lips, the man turned to explore the rest of the woman’s body.

He had to leave his mark on his favorite toy like a child.


The woman’s body was covered with a bruise and purple hickeys.

The man kissed meticulously and re-covered with a new layer.


“Mmmm ah.



Umm.” Su Yunluo only felt the pleasure and comfort inside her body.

The man’s hot and swollen s*x organ was thrusting back and forth inside her as if she was in no man’s land.

She could even feel every inch of his vein rubbing against her flesh.


The man stared intensely at his wife.

Her face was full of passion, her watery eyes, her red lips constantly moaning seductively, and her lower body was as soft as a blossoming flower, withstanding his wild thrusts.

The man could see how enchanting she was.

Thinking of this, the man’s s*x organ grew another size.




Don’t.” Su Yunluo voiced a delicate and soft plea for mercy.

The man’s physical strength was good beyond words.

She felt it had been long, but the man did not show any sign of coming, and she could only beg for mercy.


However, her aggrieved little girl look would only make the man want to bully her even harder.

Gu Yiyin’s waist and hips raced.

The meat stick squeezed through the two flower lips and rammed in hard, pulling out and even pulling out the red flesh.

The cycle was repeated again and again.



Good no.” Su Yunluo whimpered and begged for mercy.

She contracted hard, trying to make the man finish.



Don’t squeeze.” The man gritted his teeth to resist the urge to have an outburst.

He coaxed, “Be good.

Hold back a little longer.



The man once again accelerated his thrusting tempo, ruthlessly hitting the bulging nub of flesh.

After thrusting like this a few times, Su Yunluo shivered and released a massive stream of nectar.

The man no longer held back, and the essence was released.

He shot all the hot stuff inside the woman.


After good s*x, Su Yunluo felt extremely tired.

She closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.


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