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Chapter 45.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



Just as he was about to turn off the light and go to sleep, Su Yunluo stopped him.

Gu Yiyin was a bit puzzled and saw Su Yunluo kissing his lips as she blushed.

Ever since Su Yunluo was pregnant, Gu Yiyin hadn’t touched her.

Now that the baby was born and she was no longer in her first month, it was time to resume everyday married life.


Gu Yiyin first froze, and then he slowly smiled and kissed the woman back tenderly.


The man’s gentle kisses made the woman gradually sink, and her body softened into a puddle of water in the man’s arms.

“Luo Luo.” The man made his way down, kissing, using his lips and tongue to worship the woman’s soft snowy skin.

Everywhere he went, he left behind vivid hickeys.


“Mmmm.” The woman unconsciously let out a delicate moan.

At some point, the man’s lips and tongue came to the base of her thighs and licked and kissed the piece of skin on her inner thighs.

The tip of his tongue circled ambiguously around that tender skin, sipping it from time to time until the woman panted and panted before he let go.


The woman’s legs were opened to the sides, and the scenery between her legs was viewed: the petals were pink and tender, and the middle was a tightly closed slit.

Occasionally a few drops of nectar oozed out, and a raised nucleus emerged from the top of the flower, which looked shy.


The man’s thin lips covered it, caressing it carefully.

He took in the nub, licking and sucking with his tongue, nibbling and rubbing his teeth.

The bullying made the spot red and swollen.



Yiyin.” Su Yunluo squirmed impatiently, and waves of pleasure came from her lower body that felt like a tidal wave.

She burst with warm nectar.


The man greedily swallowed the woman’s juices.

His lips increased the force to tease a few points, and his tongue curled up and stabbed the woman’s narrow canal, mimicking the movement of the s*x organ back and forth.


“Mmmm ah.


Too exciting.” The woman’s legs clamped the man’s head in place, with her p*ssy contracting and squeezing the man’s tongue, trying to push it out in vain.


Soon, her sensitive body shivered and climbed to climax.

The man looked up between her legs, and his thin lips were covered with the woman’s nectar.

He licked it and got up and wrapped Su Yunluo, kissing her panting mouth without saying a word.


Su Yunluo tasted her private parts in his mouth, which was salty with a fishy sweetness, and the two kissed each other passionately.


The man put himself between the woman’s legs while she was in a state of ecstasy.

The thick s*x organ kept grinding against the sensitive flower.

With the lubrication of the nectar, the glans sank in, and then it was held tightly in place.


Gu Yiyin left her lips a little, “Luo Luo, relax a little.

I can’t get in,” he said while rubbing and pressing her nub.


The canal gushed another stream of nectar.

Sensing that the woman had relaxed, the man could get a good shot and sink his waist.

He inserted his rod entirely into the woman’s body.


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