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Chapter 45.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



Soon it came to the child’s first month.

Su Yunluo was well taken care of within the month.

Her face was rosy, her figure was slender, and she did not look like she had given birth to a child.

The baby also looked beautiful, white, and soft.

She loved to laugh and was not afraid.

She was so peaceful and cute that it made people feel good.


The baby was still tiny, and she was not suitable for festive occasions.

Therefore, they did not set up anything, but the two families sat together to eat.


“Grandpa’s sweetheart.” Father Gu teased the baby in the cradle on the side of the dining table.


The baby’s name was Gu Zihan, and her nickname was Mian Mian.

As the youngest member of the family, Gu Zihan was spoiled.

Especially the grandparents were cautious with her.

The Gu family had not had a baby girl for three generations, so it was not easy to expect a granddaughter.

She was so soft and cute, so they were delighted.


Gu Zihan was extraordinarily trouble-free.

In addition to crying once or twice when her tummy was hungry, or her diaper was wet, she rarely cried at any other time.


At this time, Mian Mian’s mouth flattened and looked like she was about to cry out.

Father Gu was immediately distressed, “Luo Luo, Mian Mian is hungry, right”


“I don’t think so.

I fed her an hour ago, so I think she’s peeing.” Su Yunluo touched the wrapped diaper, and it was time to change it.


Su Yunluo picked her up from the cradle and was about to return to her room, but Gu Yiyin took it from her, “Let me do it.” After saying that, Gu Yiyin carried Mian Mian back to her room, skillfully changed her diaper, and hugged her.


After changing the diaper, Gu Mian Mian stayed in her father’s arms with a well-behaved face and a particularly soft smile.


“Brother-in-law is so good at taking care of babies,” said Yang Peishan, a little envious.


“Brother will also be a good father in the future,” Su Yunluo spoke with a smile.


Yang Peishan stroked her bulging belly and looked at Su Yunting sitting beside her, smiling with happiness.


After sending off both sides of the family, the whole house was left with Gu Yiyin’s family of three.

After a long day, Mian Mian was also sleepy, so Su Yunluo fed her once and put her to sleep.


When she returned to her room, Gu Yiyin leaned against the bed, reading a book.

“Is Mian Mian asleep” He asked in a soft voice.


“Mmm,” Su Yunluo answered him.


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