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The Rich Divorcée (6)


     Rich men parked luxury cars at the gate, and many of them came in one after the other.

     The guests came together in the banquet hall.

The glasses were staggered, the men held champagne and talked with others, and the ladies met with acquaintances to discuss gossip from the higher classes.

     Su Yunluo entered the banquet hall holding hands with Wen Nanjin and witnessed such a scene.

The people at the banquet also looked at them every once in a while.

     Su Yunluo could overhear them secretly talking.

Even though it was some time ago, the issue of her broken engagement with the Qi family was always a hot topic for them.

     Su Yunluo didn’t mind, but Wen Nanjin on the side looked at her with concern.

     “Luoluo, are you alright”

     Su Yunluo smiled sweetly, “Brother Nanjin, I’m fine.

They can say anything they want.

It’s not going to affect me at all.”

     Wen Nanjin saw that there was nothing wrong with her.

He felt relief and brought her to the people she knew well. 

     The friends’ Wen Nanjin made were all representatives of the clean upper-class circles, so Su Yunluo was pleased to meet them.

     She saw her good friend, and after talking to Wen Nanjin, she went looking for her.

     “Zhenzhen,” Su Yunluo smiled and greeted a sweet-looking girl.

     Ye Zhenzhen was equally happy to see her, “Luoluo, how did you get here”

     “Brother Nanjin invited me, so I came over,” Su Yunluo explained with a smile.

     Ye Zhenzhen was one of her good sisters.

Her social circle was not large, just five or six sisters, but they really treated Su Yunluo sincerely.

     When they broke off the engagement, every one of them called or went to her place to comfort her, making Su Yunluo very touched.

     “Are all of them here” Su Yunluo was talking about the other sisters.

     “They’re over there.

I’m going to take you there.” Ye Zhenzhen led Su Yunluo towards them.

     Some people chatted enthusiastically, and the laughter kept on.

At that point, there was a commotion across the door.

     Su Yunluo looked over, and it was Qi Yunxuan who had brought his partner, Mu Yuqing. 

     Mu Yuqing’s appearance was of a delicate style, giving a fragile feeling, the kind that men liked a lot.

She wore a little lake green dress with very light make-up on her face.

     Standing alongside the great Qi Yunxuan, she seemed very small.

She looked as if she was at the banquet for the first time.

     Her expression was a little uneasy.

The girl bit her lips unconsciously.

The pitiful appearance could quickly spark a man’s desire to protect.

She could see why Qi Yunxuan was attracted to her.

     “Bah, a white lotus flower.

What’s the point of pretending to be weak,” Ye Zhenzhen’s tone was somewhat contemptuous.

     Su Yunluo felt a bit funny, “Zhenzhen, don’t talk about people like that even if you don’t like them.”

     “But people really think she is really good,” Ye Zhenzhen pouted.

     She didn’t really like that kind of girl who was very weak and would do nothing and needed to be looked after.

She rather appreciated independent girls.

     Su Yunluo shook her head and had to allow her to do so.

She didn’t feel like it, but the other 1,000 girls in attendance and Ye Zhenzhen felt the same way.

     Hearing them, they seemed not to like Mu Yuqing’s weak appearance.

Mu Yuqing appeared to be very unpopular.

     After a moment, Su Yunluo’s eyes fell on Qi Yunxuan walking toward them with Mu Yuqing.

     “Miss Su,” Qi Yunxuan stood three steps away from her and greeted lightly.

     “Young Master Qi,” Su Yunluo was very cold as well.

     “Miss Su, she’s my partner, Mu Yuqing.”

     Qi Yunxuan didn’t care about Su Yunluo’s cold attitude and introduced Mu Yuqing to her.

     “Qingqing, this is Miss Su Yunluo.” 

     When Qi Yunxuan introduced Su Yunluo to Mu Yuqing, she actually heard a little gentleness.

It looked like Qi Yunxuan was really into Mu Yuqing.

     But what was up with him bringing his current lover to greet her, his ex-fiancée

     “Miss Su, hello.” 

     Mu Yuqing extended her hand; her voice was sweet.

     “Hello, Miss Mu.” 

     Su Yunluo reached out and shook back, and let go.

     After the greeting, Qi Yunxuan and Mu Yuqing went away.

     “Luoluo, why are you talking to them” Ye Zhenzhen was slightly dissatisfied.

     “When people show up to say hello, I can’t ignore them, can I” Su Yunluo explained with a smile.

     “But Qi Yunxuan brought Mu Yuqing over to greet you.

Aren’t you angry, Luoluo” Ye Zhenzhen was confused.

     Although Luoluo already said that she didn’t like Qi Yunxuan, but after all, it was once her fiancé.

Even though she wouldn’t get mad, Ye Zhenzhen would.

     “Why be angry These people have nothing to do with me.

They’re none of my business.”

     Su Yunluo smiled.

The next moment, Su Yunluo hit her face.


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