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Chapter 43.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


The two informed both parents of this matter.

Both parents were delighted, discussing and deliberating.

Both sides decided to get a marriage license and then hold a wedding after the child’s birth.

For one thing, marriage was complicated, and Su Yunluo’s pregnancy was unsuitable for overwork.

For another, Su Yunluo’s idea of being a beautiful bride was taken into account, and she did not want to walk down the aisle with a big belly.


So, on a windy and sunny day, the two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage license and officially became husband and wife.

Considering the child, Su Yunluo quit her job and stayed home to raise her baby.


To take care of Su Yunluo, Mother Gu asked the couple to move in with them first, and then they could move back when the baby was born.

So, the two lived at the old house where his parents lived.


Su Yunluo’s pregnancy was not too bad, except for the occasional morning sickness and drowsiness, but otherwise, it was average as expected.

Under the attentive care of Mother Gu and Gu Yiyin, Su Yunluo was nourished to be white and fat.

Her face was rosy, and she looked very good.


Since she was pregnant, Su Yunluo became increasingly pampered and clingy.

Each morning, looking at Su Yunluo holding her belly and looking at him with watery eyes, Gu Yiyin couldn’t take a step: What should I do Being pregnant makes her so cute.


Late that night, Gu Yiyin returned home.

Three days ago, there was a problem with a project in the field, and he had to go and solve it personally.

Gu Yiyin had no choice but to leave Su Yunluo to his mother’s care and hurriedly rush to the field.


The good news was that the problem wasn’t severe and was quickly solved.

So, Gu Yiyin took the earliest flight back that night to see Su Yunluo earlier.

Moreover, she had a maternity checkup early tomorrow morning, and he didn’t want to miss it.


Gu Yiyin turned on the light in the room and walked gently to the bedside.

Su Yunluo was sleeping, and her face was calm and soft.

Through the blanket, he could see her bulging belly, which was their child.

Thinking of this, Gu Yiyin’s expression was even softer.


He took out his clothes and went into the bathroom to shower.

He carefully lifted the blanket and got under the covers, embracing Su Yunluo in his arms.

Feeling the familiar embrace, Su Yunluo squinted her eyes and spoke dazedly, “Yiyin”


“It’s me.” Gu Yiyin gently stroked her belly.

The baby also seemed to know that daddy was back and greeted him through her stomach.

Feeling the movement under his palm, Gu Yiyin was delighted.


A kiss was imprinted on her forehead.

Gu Yiyin gently patted her back to lull her to sleep and closed his eyes to go to dreamland.


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