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Chapter 43.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



Throughout the holiday, Su Yunluo took Gu Yiyin to play at almost all the big and small attractions in H City, and their relationship became even sweeter.


The situation on Yang Peishan’s side was not so good.

Since she was accustomed to eating fine food, she was not accustomed to eating the countryside farming food.

She vomited and had diarrhea for two days, and half of her vacation was consumed.


She hardly recovered, yet it happened that it rained.

This time the weather was ever-changing.

Yang Peishan’s physique was weak, so she caught a cold.

Initially, she wanted to take advantage of this holiday to cultivate a good relationship with Su Yunting, but her body did not have the strength.

Yang Peishan was depressed.


This morning, Su Yunluo felt some nausea and dry vomiting, and she did not think much about it.

However, looking at the usual meals at noon, she again felt uncomfortable and could not resist going to the bathroom to throw up.


When the experienced female colleague beside her saw this, she cautiously asked, “Luo Luo, you’re not pregnant, are you”


Su Yunluo froze, then shook her head, “I don’t think so.

My monthly period has already come and gone.”


“It’s better to go to the hospital to check it out,” the female colleague spoke worriedly.

Su Yunluo thought it was right, so she left work early this afternoon to go to the hospital.

The doctor suggested that she go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to have a look.

Su Yunluo half-heartedly registered with the obstetrics and gynecology department.


The result of the gynecological and obstetrical examination was that she was pregnant.

Su Yunluo looked puzzled, “But doctor, I already had my period this month, so how could I be pregnant”


The doctor smiled and answered her, “Miss Su, due to individual differences, some women will still have their periods in the early stages of pregnancy.

It’s just that the amount of menstruation will be much less than usual.”


After listening to the doctor’s answer, Su Yunluo suddenly realized: That no wonder this month’s volume is indeed less than before.

She thought it was due to an abnormal diet, and how could she not expect to be pregnant However, considering she was pregnant, Su Yunluo could not stop rejoicing inside.

He should also be delighted.


When she returned home in the evening, Su Yunluo told Gu Yiyin about this.

He was stunned at first, then ecstatic, “That’s great.

You’re wonderful.” He held Su Yunluo’s face and gave her a fierce kiss.


Gu Yiyin had planned to propose to Su Yunluo on her birthday next month.

He didn’t anticipate this unexpected blessing, so some things should be brought forward.


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