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Chapter 42.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



Although it was not the first time she saw a man’s object, Su Yunluo was still a bit shocked: Such a thick thing, how did it enter her body


The man held his rod against the center of the lady’s.

He sent himself in by sinking his waist, and the glans broke through the layers of flesh to reach the woman’s center.

The man didn’t pause much, and his waist started moving one after the other.


“Ah-ha! So deep.” The woman moaned delicately.

Her long legs were tightly coiled around the man’s healthy waist, and she endured the man’s rapid thrusts inside her.


The woman’s voice was charming and beautiful, like the strongest aphrodisiac that aroused the man’s lust.

Gu Yiyin pinched the woman’s soft waist, and his lower body was like a jackhammer thrusting fast and hard into the woman’s hole.


The sound of flesh slapping resounded through the room.

Their pubic bones collided, their lower bodies were wet, and the sweet-smelling love juices were squeezed out along their union.

And with the high speed of the meat stick going in and out, they ground into a fine white foam clinging to the soft pubic hair.


“Mmmm ah.

Too fast.


Ahhhh.” The woman’s fingers scratched at the man’s back.

The scratching made a red mark, and the painful tingling sensation in his back stimulated the man, even more, making his thrusts faster and heavier.


The rod changed different angles and was forced to insert deeply into the woman’s body.

Each thrust brought a distinct pleasure to the woman.

Her p*ssy contracted endlessly.

The flesh of her hole was spontaneously wriggling and sucking as if it had an autonomous consciousness when the man penetrated.

It wrapped tightly around the man’s rod and licked every inch of the surface, bringing the man pleasure as if he had ascended to heaven.


Gu Yiyin entered all in, all out, and continued to thrust.

The two sacks hit the woman’s p*ssy with a sweet red, and the two flower lips were rubbed red and swollen.






Can’t.” More and more pleasure piled up in the woman’s body.

Not long after, the woman screamed and was sent to climax.


The warm juices poured over the man’s glans, and the climaxing cavern was incredibly tight, frantically contracting and squeezing the man’s rod.

The man couldn’t hold back any longer and gave a few hard thrusts.

He released at the woman’s womanhood the pent-up essence that had been building up for days.


The man stroked the woman’s naked back and, from time to time, bowed his head to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Baby, comfortable” The man’s voice was husky, a characteristic of the aftermath of a love affair.


The woman was shy and annoyed and punched him in the chest.

Her face was red, and she refused to answer his question.

The man’s chest vibrated, signaling his now incomparably pleasurable mood.



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