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Chapter 42.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



The only thing left in the dimmed room of the B&B was the intertwining and undulating

people on the bed.


Gu Yiyin was buried in the woman’s neck, nibbling.

His tongue licked and rolled hard and sucked, leaving deep and shallow traces.


The two of them had not done it for several days.

It was torture for the man to hold the soft body every night that he could see but not touch.


Ever since he tasted her, the man became addicted.

Whenever possible, he was eager to kiss her, hold her, and love her.

The so-called self-control was challenging to deal with in front of her.


“Mmm.” The woman spilled out a soft moan.

The soft white fingertips roamed the man’s back, provoking the man with a shuddering sensation.


The woman’s bathrobe was loosely tied, and the whole round puffy breasts were hidden.

The man pulled open the woman’s bathrobe, and the two mounds stood proudly.

The tip of the nipple at the top was an attractive pink.


Gu Yiyin opened his mouth and took one side in, caressing it with his lips and tongue.

The tongue swept the pink cherry.

The tip of his tongue twirled and sucked, making the tip of her chest as hard as a red bean.


A large and thick palm crawled up to the other peak.

He kneaded and played with it like a dough.

That soft flesh changed into various shapes in the man’s palm, which was very sexy.


“Mmm.” The woman’s pink lips parted, panting.

Her breast stood high for the man to play with, and her fine fingers thrust into the man’s hair and fiddled with them, giving vent to the pleasure inside her.


“Mmmm.” The man’s finger penetrated the woman’s p*ssy at some point, and the woman contracted in shock, sucking it tightly.


The man caressed and gouged the bulging nub with his thumb.

The woman’s sensitive spot was stimulated, and she oozed a sweet love juice, which facilitated the movement of the man’s finger.


With the much love juice, the man’s finger in the woman’s tight hole pumped back and forth.

The knuckles bent to dig the sensitive points of the woman’s spot.

With each thrust, the rough finger cut against the sensitive and tender walls, stimulating, again and again, to contract powerfully.


After confirming that the woman was wet enough, the man pulled out his finger.

The woman was a little uncomfortable with the sudden departure of his finger.

Her p*ssy opened and closed as if to say she was waiting.


The man left the woman’s body, removed his underwear with one hand, and unleashed his hard and swollen organ: a thick and long one surrounded by veins.

The glans was the size of a goose egg, with a few drops of mucus oozing from the tip.


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