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Chapter 41.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



It took about 50 minutes to drive from the city’s heart to the countryside.

After moving away from the city, the road was a bit bumpy.

Since Su Yunting and Gu Yiyin were men, they were physically fit, and this bumpy road was nothing; Su Yunluo went back to the countryside whenever she had time, so she was familiar with the road conditions here and was very energetic along the way; but Yang Peishan, who had grown up in the city, suffered from the bumpy road.

She puked all the way back to the countryside.

When she got off the bus, her face was pale.


As soon as she got off the bus, Su Yunluo dragged Gu Yiyin to walk around.

Not long after, she saw two plainly dressed old men watering strawberries in a strawberry garden not far away.


Su Yunluo’s eyes lit up and ran over, “Grandparents.”


The two old people heard a familiar voice.

They looked up and saw Su Yunluo running their way, and a smile appeared on both of their faces.


“Luo Luo is on vacation.” Grandma Su looked at her with a loving face.



This time, I came to introduce you to someone, and my brother also brought his friend over.” Su Yunluo finished and turned her head to look at the three people walking behind her.


The three people came closer.

Su Yunluo took Gu Yiyin’s arm and introduced him, “Grandparents, this is my boyfriend, Gu Yiyin.”


“Grandpa Su.

Grandma Su.


I’m Gu Yiyin, Luo Luo’s boyfriend.” Gu Yiyin said respectfully.


“Good, good.” the two old men of the Su family looked at the talented Gu Yiyin and couldn’t stop nodding their heads.


Su Yunting and Yang Peishan also greeted.

Su Yunting’s attitude was as cold as ever, but Yang Peishan was quite enthusiastic, and her mouth was full of grandpa and grandma.


They walked towards the house.

The two old people of the Su family had retired and had nothing to do.

They opened a farmhouse in the countryside, and the ingredients were from their gardens, which were fresh and attracted many tourists.

In addition, they also opened a bed and breakfast for travelers who came from far away to spend the night.


After the guests settled down at the B&B and took a short rest, Su Yunluo dragged Gu Yiyin to the garden to pick vegetables.

Many vegetables were growing: winter squash, pumpkin, loofah, beetroot, and baby cabbage.


Yang Peishan volunteered to help, but instead, she did a disservice by picking off the vegetables that were not yet ripe.

When Su Yunluo saw this, she told her to stop, and Yang Peishan only smiled apologetically.


Everyone was picking vegetables, and she was too embarrassed to stay idle, so she helped pass water and put the picked vegetables into the basket.


Since they were in the countryside, they had to eat farmhouse food.

In the evening, Grandma Su cooked a table of hearty farmhouse food.

Although not as much as the city’s fancy, the quality was better because of the freshness, with its own flavor.


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