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    Su Yunluo packed up her things and turned around to see Gu Yiyin holding the letter in his hand.

His face didn’t look very good, so she walked over to him, confused, “What’s wrong”


    Gu Yiyin did not answer her.

Su Yunluo took the letter in his hand and looked at it.

She looked a little embarrassed: Oh no, I let him read the love letter someone else wrote to me.


    Su Yunluo cautiously spoke, “Yiyin, are you angry” Seeing Gu Yiyin hesitant to speak, Su Yunluo was anxious and explained, “Yiyin, things are not what you think.

I did not even know that the president liked me at first.

And when he gave me this letter, he did not say anything.

I thought it was just an ordinary letter and did not open it to see it.


    “Luo Luo, I’m not angry.” Gu Yiyin spoke quietly, “I’m just jealous.”


    “Hmm Jealous” Su Yunluo almost thought she had heard wrong.


    “Yes, I’m jealous.

My Luo Luo is so beautiful.

There must be many boys chasing you.

They have all played some role in your growth in one way or another, while I didn’t have that destiny to meet you.

I missed your growth because I met you only after you graduated college.” Gu Yiyin expressed that he was really jealous.


    Su Yunluo felt crying and laughed while listening to the man’s words, but she was very touched.

This man had probably really loved her to the core to be this way.


    Su Yunluo cupped his face and spoke petulantly, “Mr.

Gu, it’s them who should be jealous because they are only passing visitors in my past life, while you are my present and future.

We are going to grow together for a long time.”


    Hearing the woman’s words, Gu Yiyin was suddenly in a better mood.

Yes, the past did not mean anything; what mattered was the present and the future, and he would live with Luo Luo for the rest of his life.


    When the evening came, Su Yunluo took Gu Yiyin out to eat the specialties of H City.

Yang Peishan proposed to go together, so the two-person trip became a four-person trip.


    Yang Pei Shan’s mood was low as she watched Gu Yiyin treat Su Yunluo with care at the dinner table, while Su Yunting beside her was indifferent to her.


    There was a cultural square in H city.

Inside was a wishing pond, where coins were thrown, and wishes were made.

The wishes would come true, so it became a must-see attraction for foreigners visiting the city.


    Su Yunluo dragged Gu Yiyin to the wishing pond, “Yiyin, let’s throw a coin and make a wish.

It’s very special .”


    So, the two threw a coin into the wishing pond and then closed their eyes to make a wish.

Yang Peishan liked to try, asking Su Yunting to take a coin, but he shook his head and said no.

She was uncomfortable asking Gu Yiyin for a coin, so she had to regretfully give up.


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