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   The man did not know how to take it gently.

Su Yunluo’s mouth whispered curses; however, the sweetness in her eyes could not be hidden.


    After taking a hot bath comfortably, Su Yunluo came out of the bathroom.


    Gu Yiyin was preparing lunch in the kitchen.

Su Yunluo walked over and hugged his waist from behind.

“It smells so good.

What kind of delicious food are you cooking”


    Gu Yiyin stopped the action in his hands and turned around.

He smiled with his eyes, “I’m making your chicken curry.”


    Before Gu Yiyin took Su Yunluo to a famous Southeast Asian restaurant, Su Yunluo fell in love with the curry chicken there and never forgot it.

To satisfy Su Yunluo’s appetite for food, Gu Yiyin went to learn this dish.


    Su Yunluo smelled the rich curry fragrance and immediately blossomed, “It must be delicious.”


    Looking at Su Yunluo’s gluttonous face, Gu Yiyin pinched her straight nose, “Go and sit down.

You can eat soon .”


    When the last dish was finished frying, Gu Yiyin turned off the fire and put the dish on the table.

Three simple dishes and a soup with white rice were enough.


    Su Yunluo was hungry and took a big bite of rice with the chicken curry.

Gu Yiyin smiled at her and kept putting vegetables in her bowl.

The two of them chatted, and the atmosphere was warm.


    After lunch, the two were intimately nestled on the sofa watching a movie when Su Yunluo suddenly spoke up, “Yiyin, do you have any plans for the National Day holiday” 


    “No, why Is Luo Luo thinking of going somewhere to play” Gu Yiyin rubbed her hair.


    “Then you come back with me to meet mom and dad.” The two of them were getting better and better these days.

Su Yunluo remembered that Gu Yiyin hadn’t met her parents yet, so she took advantage of the National Day holiday to bring him home.


    Gu Yiyin was surprised, then happy, “Then what do uncle and aunt like I’ll go prepare.”


    “My parents do not have special favorite things.

See to it that you prepared something, as long as the intention is there .” Su Yunluo spoke.


    “So Then let me think about it,” Gu Yiyin was slightly distressed.

Su Yunluo looked at his distressed face, smiling at the side.


    The day passed quietly, and soon it was night.

Although Gu Yiyin wanted Su Yunluo very much, she experienced her first love affair last night, so it was not good to enjoy her again.

The two hugged and kissed for a while, then embraced each other and went to sleep.


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