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    The woman’s p*ssy contracted and clamped down on the man’s s*x organ.

The slippery flesh was tightly strangling the thick rod, like a small suction cup firmly holding on to it.


    However, the man did not have enough.

He lifted the woman’s legs, put them in his arm’s crook, and leaned down to thrust them harder.


Baby.  Open your eyes to see how I love you.”


    Su Yunluo bowed her head slightly and saw the thick and hideous crimson flesh rod.

It went in and out of her red flower hole with high intensity.

The two pink flower lips were rubbed red, swollen, and engorged with blood.

The taut round hole was like a greedy mouth greedily devouring the man’s rod, and the love juices dripped outward without stopping.


    Watching this lascivious scene, the woman’s body became more sensitive and emotional.

Her p*ssy bit the man’s rod so tight that the soft flesh stacked up to bind the thick meat stick inch by inch.

She pulled it inward with force, bringing the man the ultimate experience.


    The two snow-white breasts swung along with the man’s frenzied thrusting to make attractive waves.

The man’s eyes and hands were itching to grab the two balls and knead them slightly roughly.

The white breast flesh spilled out from the man’s fingers, and the two nipples were bright red like blood at the top.



Mmm ah.  Yiyin.

Ah ha.  Mmm.

” Su Yunluo moaned unconsciously.

All her senses were focused on the two people’s tightly united lower bodies.

The pleasure inside her body was so raging that Su Yunluo felt as if she was in heaven, drifting and not knowing what to do.


    The man f*cked the woman’s p*ssy so hard that he wanted to stuff his two balls into it.

The original pink p*ssy turned a bright red as the man thrust in and out.

The two lips on the side of the hole flopped in and out as the man bangs her, clinging pathetically to the sinewy meat stick.


    The woman’s p*ssy began to contract violently.

The walls of the p*ssy squirmed and squeezed the man’s rod, and Gu Yiyin knew she would come.

The speed of the collisions of the lower body increased by a few points.


    On the verge of coming, Gu Yiyin sealed her red lips that exhaled a tempting moan.

He buried his lower body deep into the woman’s p*ssy, reaching the peak at the same time as she did.


    Su Yunluo arched her body.

A great deal of thick white turbidity gushed into her flower.

The burning sensation caused Su Yunluo’s p*ssy to spurt out another stream of watery fluid uncontrollably, and her flat belly was filled with the body fluids of both of them.


    “Luo Luo.  I love you.” Gu Yiyin gasped, whispering in the woman’s ear.


    Su Yunluo was too tired and did not hear what the man said.

She closed her eyes and slept after finding a comfortable position in the man’s arms.

The man beside her was still gleaming, kissing the woman in his arms with love and affection, feeling incomparably happy at this moment.


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