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   “Luoluo, I thought you weren’t coming back until tomorrow” Gu Yiyin was surprised to see her face.

    “Yes, but today is Qixi, and I want to spend it with you,” Su Yunluo stepped out from the box and set the cake on the coffee table in the living room.

    “Come over and try the cake.

I learned it from a very famous cake maker,” she pulled his hand along and sat down in front of the coffee table.

    It was a heart-shaped cake with a man and a woman snuggling up to each other, which was Su Yunluo and Gu Yiyin.

    Gu Yiyin took a bite of the cake.

The smooth cream quickly melted in his mouth, and it was sweet but not greasy and was very delicious.

    “Is it delicious” Su Yunluo looked at him expectantly, resembling a kid waiting for praise.

    “It’s delicious,” Gu Yiyin smiled dotingly.

    “Well, do I have any reward” Su Yunluo looked at him with a grin.

    Gu Yiyin had taken out a square box from his pocket, then he opened it, which contained a ring lying inside.

    Gu Yiyin slowly put it on Su Yunluo’s ring finger, “This is a couple’s ring that I had someone custom-made.

When we get married in the future, I’ll give you a bigger one.”

    Su Yunluo lovingly touched the ring, “So beautiful.

I like it very much.” Then, she felt distressed, “But I don’t even have a gift for you.”

    “It’s fine.

I don’t need a gift if I have you,” Gu Yiyin spoke gently.

    Su Yunluo shook her head, “No.

I want to give you a gift.

I know.

I’ll give you myself .”

   Gu Yiyin didn’t dare to believe it, and he almost thought he heard wrong.

In front of him, he looked at the smiling woman and had some difficulty speaking, “Luoluo, do you know what you are saying”

    “I know! I said.

I ~ will ~ give ~ myself ~ to ~ you!” She leaned closer to him, speaking slowly and clearly, word by word.

    By the time he regained his senses, warm contact was on his lips.

His beloved girl was kissing him.

Gu Yiyin reached to embrace her tightly into his arms and held her red lips in his mouth.

    The girl’s lips tasted delicious and soft, making him lick and kiss repeatedly with desire.

Su Yunluo slightly opened her mouth, and Gu Yiyin’s long tongue used the opportunity to get in.

She had the taste of strawberry cake, but he couldn’t tell whether the cake was sweet or she was sweeter.

    They moved with emotion as the tension in the air rose with each passing breath.

Gu Yiyin gently picked her up horizontally and took a big step towards the bedroom.

The two people’s lips and tongues remained deeply intertwined and did not separate.


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