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The annual Qixi Festival, a traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, will be celebrated this Friday.

It had been a long time since Gu Yiyin had had a good date with Su Yunluo because he had been a bit busy some time ago.

He wanted to have a romantic date with Su Yunluo on that day.

    He started to make arrangements for the date a week ago and asked Su Yunluo if she had any places she wanted to go to.

However, Su Yunluo only said she would let him make the arrangements.

    It was hard for Gu Yiyin to arrange a romantic date for that day, but it turned out that Su Yunluo had to go to her college roommate’s wedding on the same day.

She was her best friend in college, and they had agreed when they graduated that they would witness each other’s happiness no matter what.

Thus, Su Yunluo was sorry that she would have to go to the wedding.

    Inwardly, Gu Yiyin was sad, but he was still smiling and told her it was okay and that she didn’t have to worry about him.

    Gu Yiyin let his employees get off work an hour early to spend the day with their significant others at Qixi Festival.

Watching the employees leaving the company with their faces happy, Gu Yiyin only smiled and turned around to return to his office.

    Gu Yiyin had nothing to do but did not want to go home that early.

Su Yunluo attended a wedding and would not return until tomorrow.

He had no desire to go back so early to deal with a cold room.

    After an unknown time, Gu Yiyin’s phone rang.

He picked it up and saw it, then wore a gentle smile, “Hello Luloluo.”

    “Yiyin, where are you” Su Yunluo’s voice sounded incredibly soft.

    “I’m at the company.

What’s wrong” Gu Yiyin spoke patiently.

    “Then hurry home.

I have a surprise for you,” Su Yunluo spoke mysteriously.

    Gu Yiyin inquired about that when Su Yunluo ended the call.

Gu Yiyin smiled helplessly.

He packed up his things and left the office.

    When he returned home filled with anticipation, the dim light illuminated the quiet apartment.

    Then his gaze was drawn to the large box in the living room: was this the surprise that Luoluo had mentioned

   He opened the box.

Then Su Yunlou appeared.

She was supposed to be at her best friend’s wedding ceremony.

She smiled at him, “Happy Qixi Festival!” Did I surprise you”


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