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   Gu Yiyin’s workload made his mother worried that he would ruin his body, so she would boil some soup and bring it to him to drink from time to time.

Unexpectedly, she came to see her son’s girlfriend this time.

A long time ago, Gu Yiyin said he had a girlfriend, but there had been no opportunity to meet her.

Now that she had seen the girl, she was a perfect kid.

She looked a little thin, so she had to be given a good supplement.

    Thinking of this, Mother Gu showed a smile, “Come, Luoluo.

Auntie boiled this soup.

You drink it.” She unscrewed the thermos lid, and immediately the rich fragrance of soup wafted out.

    “This,” Su Yunluo hesitated a little.

This soup was made for Gu Yiyin.

Would it be too good for her to drink

    Seeing that she was a bit hesitant, Mother Gu then spoke, “Luoluo, drink it while it’s warm, or it will get cold.

Moreover, you look so thin, you need to make up for it.”

    “You can drink it.

Don’t waste mom’s good intentions.” Gu Yiyin smiled at the side.

    So, Su Yunluo took small sips of the soup.

When she finished drinking, Mother Gu asked her gently, “Is Auntie’s cooking okay”

    “Mmm, Auntie’s cooking is delicious.

Thank you, Auntie,” Su Yunluo blushed a little.

    “Good that you like it.

Auntie will make more soups for you to drink in the future to ensure that you will be fat and white.” Mother Gu looked at her lovingly.

    After sitting for a while, Mother Gu excused herself and left.

It was then that Su Yunluo let out a sigh of relief, and mother Gu seemed to like her very much.

    Right then, Gu Yiyin wrapped his arm around her waist from behind and rested his head on her shoulder, “My mom likes you a lot.”

    Su Yunluo turned around to face him, “Why didn’t you tell me that Auntie was coming over I would have behaved better otherwise.” Su Yunluo said, looking at him sadly.

    “I saw you sleeping well, and I couldn’t bear to wake you up.

Besides, I have such a beautiful girl.

Who wouldn’t like you” Gu Yiyin pinched her cheek.

    Su Yunluo mumbled, “It is always necessary to leave a good impression on the elders.

You do not even know how bad my face was when I opened the door to your mother this morning.

Also, who told you to nibble my neck like this Your mother must have seen them, and how embarrassing.” Speaking of which, Su Yunluo looked grudgingly at him.

    Gu Yiyin chuckled lightly, “Okay, okay, it’s all my fault.

I couldn’t help it.

Who let Luoluo be so tempting And…” Gu Yiyin’s expression was ambiguous, “Did Luoluo forget You were the one who jumped on me last night.”

    Su Yunluo recalled the memory of last night.

It seemed that she had really grabbed him for an intense kiss and squirmed around in his arms.

So when she thought about it, Su Yunluo felt a little weak.

    “So Do you remember” Gu Yiyin smilingly looked at her.

    Su Yunluo glared at him.

This man knew exactly what was going on! Then, Gu Yiyin smiled even more pleasantly.


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