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 Eventually, it was Mother Gu who reacted first, “You’re Yiyin’s girlfriend, right Hello, I’m Yiyin’s mother.”

    Su Yunluo hurriedly wiped off her mouth full of foam, “Hello, Auntie.

I’m Su Yunluo.”

    Su Yunluo invited her in and sat down in the living room.

Then she poured her a glass of water, “Auntie, have a seat for a while.

I’ll go clean up myself.” She looked a little embarrassed.

    “You go ahead,” Mother Gu nodded.

    So, Su Yunluo hurriedly washed up in the bathroom.

When she looked in the mirror, she realized her neck was covered with “strawberries” that had been planted by a man.

She almost couldn’t help squealing in disbelief.

Was Gu Yiyin a dog Her neck was like this, and she was definitely seen for sure by his mother.

She lost a lot of face now.

    She changed into a high-necked dress and made some mental preparations to get out of the bedroom.

Just then, Gu Yiyin also came back.

    Gu Yiyin was afraid that Su Yunluo would be uncomfortable when she woke up this morning.

He returned from a meeting at the company.

When his mother called him and said she wanted to come over, Gu Yiyin agreed.

But he didn’t expect his mother to be here so soon, which caught Su Yunluo off guard.

    “Mom, you’ve arrived so early” Gu Yiyin changed his slippers at the entrance and then walked to Su Yunluo.

“Did you get enough sleep Is there any discomfort” He dotingly stroked her head.

    “Don’t be like this.

Auntie is watching.” In front of Mother Gu, Su Yunluo was a little embarrassed.

    “Mom, this is your future daughter-in-law, Su Yunluo,” Gu Yiyin introduced her to Mother Gu.

    Mother Gu nodded, “Finally, I’ve met you.

What a good child.” Mother Gu had a loving expression as she looked at Su Yunluo.

    They sat down on the sofa in the living room.

Su Yunluo was a bit formal when she faced Mother Gu, but Mother Gu was always very kind.

This helped Su Yunluo to relax and chat pleasantly with Mother Gu.

    After communicating for a while, Mother Gu was even more satisfied with Su Yunluo.

She had clear eyes and a generous demeanor.

Also, looking at her son, he couldn’t keep his eyes off the girl.

She was shy, but her eyes were full of happiness.

This was a picture of love and affection between a man and a woman.


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