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The people were poking fun at each other in various ways, causing Su Yunluo to feel a little embarrassed.


“Where are the sisters-in-law”


Gu Yiyin asked again about the group’s family members.


“They’re all working in the kitchen.”


One of them pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

Gu Yiyin took Su Yunluo over to the kitchen to greet them.

These women had all met Gu Yiyin at previous gatherings, so they weren’t strangers to him.


However, Su Yunluo and the others met her for the first time and felt curious about her.

After a few greetings, Su Yunluo offered to come help in the kitchen.


“Yiyin, go out.

I’ll be here to help my sisters-in-law.”


“Can you do that”


Gu Yiyin was a little uneasy.

Su Yunluo nodded.

One of the women laughed and poked fun at Gu Yiyin.


“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on my younger sister-in-law for you.

I’ll never let her get eaten.”


The other women laughed at the statement.  Su Yunluo blushed and pushed Gu Yiyin out of the kitchen.


Women’s friendships were easy to establish, and they became familiar with each other in a few words.

Su Yunluo was the youngest and very talkative.

She was not the trying-hard-kind.

As a result, it was easy to gain these women’s favorability.


A group of women worked together in the kitchen.

They were laughing and working together to create a feast.


The group of men sat down at the table.

Zhang Hua let out an exaggerated exclamation, “Wow, what a sumptuous dinner.

We can have a full meal tonight.”


“Most of these dishes are made by Luoluo.

You guys have to eat them well.”


Zhang Hua’s girlfriend smiled.


“Yeah Yiyin is the only one who can cook, so I guess my sister-in-law is a good cook too.

Then, by all means…”


The group of people moved their chopsticks and began to eat.


From the first bite, they couldn’t stop.

They exclaimed as they ate, praising Su Yunluo’s cooking skills even more than a five-star chef.


As a result, Su Yunluo left a good impression in the hearts of these men with her exquisite cooking skills.


Tonight’s dishes were all seafood.

Such an excellent cook.

Su Yunluo was a fan of seafood, especially crabs, except she was a little helpless in shelling crabs.


Gu Yiyin saw this and silently peeled the crab shells, putting the crab meat into her bowl.


Not only that, but all other seafood that needs to be peeled, Gu Yiyin did it for her.

She only had to eat whatever she wanted.


It was a sight that other women envied.

They looked at their man, who was only concerned with eating only by themselves.


Each one of them stared angrily at their man, leaving a group of men confused.

The scene was a bit funny at one point.


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