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The Rich Divorcée (3)



 “Miss Su.”

     Qi Yunxuan had no idea what he was thinking and took it upon himself to call her for the first time.

Su Yunluo turned her head and looked at him with a puzzled face.

     “The things that happened yesterday…”

     Before Qi Yunxuan could get on with it, Su Yunluo interrupted him, “Did something happen yesterday “

     Her attitude clearly indicated that she did not want to speak of it.

Qi Yunxuan choked, “No matter what, I do want to thank you for agreeing to end the engagement.”

     “Don’t thank me.

It’s a little payback I took against you.”

     Su Yunlu looked at him very calmly.

     ‘Revenge’ Qi Yunxuan was once again confused.

     “Qi Yunxuan, if I am not mistaken, in a short time, you will ask me to break up the engagement.”

     She paused and continued, “Everyone outside knows that you don’t like me and secretly laughs at me for stalking you.

Do you know how everyone else will look at my parents and me once you offer to break up the engagement first I don’t mind people laughing at me, but I will never let my parents get ridiculed by others because of me.

Well, you haven’t thought about that.

You want me off the hook as soon as possible.

After yesterday’s incident, it is clear to me that you will not like me.

I’m giving you a hard time.

It’s meaningless.

The disgrace will not implicate Mom and Dad, simply by me proposing the termination of the engagement, so that both of us is fulfilled.”

     The girl’s insight into everything made Qi Yunxuan felt selfish for no reason.

Yes, he did not consider how the dissolution of the marriage would affect her.

     He just wanted to get rid of her sooner, ignoring the damage gossip could do to a girl.

Thinking like this, Qi Yunxuan looked at her with a bit of guilt.

     “I… I’m sorry.” He said the words with great difficulty.

     Su Yunluo remained calm.

     “I said, you don’t need to apologize.

The old Su Yunluo is dead, and standing right in front of you is the new Su Yunluo.

I’m sorry to have troubled you.

Forgive me for my actions.

As far as the future is concerned, there is no need to worry.

I won’t bother you again.”

     Her eyes were clean and clear, and Qi Yunxuan finally believed that what she said was true, that she didn’t love him.

     For some reason, when he was relieved, he felt somewhat lost at the same time.

     “If there are no surprises, we should not see one another again in the future.

I wish you a happy life.

I’ll leave first if that’s all there is to it.”

     After saying that, Su Yunluo never waited for him to say anything.

She turned around and walked out.

     Qi Yunxuan was in the same spot, somewhat complicated.

He found that he never seemed to understand her. 

     At the end of the day, Su Yunluo went to bed, tired.

After breaking off the engagement with the male lead, all the resentment in her chest that belonged to the original character had dissipated quite a bit.

     From an onlooker’s perspective, the male lead, Qi Yunxuan, could be impeccable with good family background and rich and capable.

     It came as no surprise that the female lead loved him.

He was also one of the three young men of the capital; the other two, Su Yunche, the female lead’s brother, a demon who spoiled his sister, and Wen Nan Jin, the world’s affectionate man who loved the female lead with all his heart.

     These three were all giants that could be the golden tortoise’s son-in-law.

They had wealth and power.

They were never in a scandal.

You could say that they represent good men.

No one knew how many women were waiting for marriage.

     Even though Qi Yunxuan had her as his fiancée, those women were still eager for him.

They all knew that Qi Yunxuan didn’t love his fiancée, so they always stood a chance.

     Now that she and Qi Yunxuan had broken off their engagement, no one knew how many women’s wishes came true.

Sadly, in the original storyline, Qi Yunxuan was taken by the lovely and unpretentious mistress, Mu Yuqing.

     And she, the female lead, was unfortunate.

The male lead had taken the initiative to break off the engagement, and the female lead still had to run between the male lead and the female antagonist’s relationship to be the demon.

     As a result, the male lead got angry and brought down the Su family.

The female lead naturally did not get a good end.

     ‘But now I’m not afraid.

I have nothing to do with him.’

     She didn’t have to worry about the Su family collapsing as long as she stayed away from him.

In other words, she had made the will of the original character come true.

     The original character had two more wishes: one was to become a famous fashion designer, and the other was to be with her male counterpart.

     The man had yet to appear so that she could put a hold on this wish.

As for becoming a fashion designer, this was simple.

     The original character studied fashion designing and had profound attainments.

In the end, she gave up her love of fashion designing for Qi Yunxuan and forced herself to learn all that business knowledge just to help him after marriage.

     That woman was out of her mind.

She had a great future, but she gave it up for a man who didn’t love her.

And she changed even the clothing style to suit the male lead, which she didn’t like herself.

     If she wanted to be a well-known fashion designer, she had to prepare to make a name for herself.

The first thing she had to do was change the way she dressed.

If a fashion designer couldn’t even wear the right clothes, how could she even start

     Tomorrow, she would change all the clothes from her wardrobe.

Then she would set up her studio and brand.

After a while, Su Yunluo fell asleep.


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