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Today was rare that it was a weekend, so Su Yunluo decided to go shopping.


When she arrived at the largest shopping district in the vicinity, Su Yunluo found a shop to go in for lunch and then started her shopping trip.

Perhaps it was a woman’s nature to be unable to walk at the sight of a pretty dress.


Su Yunluo took a few dresses into the fitting room, and they all fit perfectly.

She only struggled for a moment before deciding to buy them all.


When it was time to check out, Su Yunluo saw the numbers on top of the bill and was suddenly dumbfounded.

Did these three dresses cost $50,000


While she was dumbfounded, the cashier had already put the dress on and smiled at Su Yunluo.


“Miss, the total is $49,986.

Cash or credit card, please”




Su Yunluo said calmly, pulling out a credit card from her bag.

Gu Yiyin gave this credit card to Su Yunluo, yet she hadn’t used it once.


Gu Yiyin gave a clear account of all his possessions, including his bank card passwords, and took the initiative to hand over his payroll card.


However, Su Yunluo didn’t want them and was very clear with him, making Gu Yiyin feel helpless.


Even this credit card was half forced on her by Gu Yiyin.

Today was the first time Su Yunluo used this card, resulting in a huge sum of money.


Even though this was Gu Yiyin’s card, Su Yunluo thought it was still heartbreaking.

After buying new clothes, she had to buy new shoes and new bags to match.


Su Yunluo simply gave up struggling and took his card and swiped to do her shopping.

By the time she stopped, she had already spent nearly two hundred thousand.


Back home, looking at “trophies” on her bed, Su Yunluo was speechless.

I’m such a loser! I was thinking of waiting for Gu Yiyin to come back and favor him.

But then I couldn’t control myself and took his card and swiped so much money.

What would he think


After thinking about it, Su Yunluo sent a message to Gu Yiyin.


“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”


There was also a cute expression added at the end.

After editing it, Su Yunluo sent it out.


After waiting for a few minutes and not receiving a reply, Su Yunluo took her pajamas and went to the bathroom to shower.


On the other hand, Gu Yiyin returned to the hotel after discussing business.

As soon as he opened his phone screen, several messages popped up, and the top one was from Su Yunluo.


He clicked to read it, then laughed softly and replied to her in a rather cheerful mood.


“It doesn’t matter.

As long as the baby’s happy, you can do what you want.”


When Su Yunluo came out of the shower and saw his reply to the message, she sighed.


     Isn’t this man too nice


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