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After having the soft rice porridge and a bite of the small dumpling, Su Yunluo squinted her eyes in pleasure.

Soon, she finished her delicious breakfast.

Today was the weekend.

Su Yunluo didn’t have to work, so she walked around the house.

A three-room, two-bedroom layout and decorated in a continental style.

The kitchen was open and fully stocked with cooking utensils.

The refrigerator was divided and filled with fresh food, so you could tell that the house owner cooked a lot.

The living room had large floor-to-ceiling windows that opened onto a brightly spacious balcony with lovely tiny potted plants.

The walls were beautifully framed with abstract images.

It also had some excellent knick-knacks on the coffee table, which was very much in the mood of life.

Inside the master bedroom, a huge-sized dark blue bed with matching bedding was in sight.

Next to the king-size bed was a dresser with a few cosmetics and skincare products on it.

The drawers were empty.

There was also a dressing room in the master bedroom, with all kinds of clothes neatly placed in different categories.

After touring the house, Su Yunluo concluded that the house owner paid a lot of attention to the quality of life.

The apartment belonged to a man named Gu Yiyin.

The woman who owned it was none other than Su Yunluo, the original character.

The latter had been his girlfriend for three years.

The original character Su Yunluo was from H city, studied in B city and stayed in B city to work after graduation.

Gu Yiyin was a local of B City, graduated from the same university as Su Yunluo, and was one year older than her.

Gu Yiyin studied architecture.

In his second year of college, he and his roommate founded an architectural firm together.

He excelled in architecture.

In just three years, the company developed and was listed as successful.

When Su Yunluo graduated from college, Gu Yiyin as the representative of an outstanding senior brother, was invited to the school to confer a position to his junior brothers and sisters.

Gu Yiyin fell in love with Su Yunluo at first sight and then aggressively moved to woo her.

After chasing her for half a year, Su Yunluo agreed to be Gu Yiyin’s girlfriend, making him overjoyed.

The two moved in together as a matter of course.

Gu Yiyin spoiled Su Yunluo to the skies.

Gu Yiyin drove to and from work, rain, or shine.

Every now and then, she’d get a little romantic surprise.

When he saw a pretty thing that suited her, he would buy it without blinking his eyes, no matter how expensive it was.

There was no need for Su Yunluo to do anything, even at home.

He alone handled almost all the household chores.

Such a handsome and wealthy boyfriend who loved her dearly.

If it were any other woman, she would have been laughing long ago.

Unfortunately, Su Yunluo didn’t love him.


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