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That life, Wen Nanjin, and Su Yunluo were full of children and grandchildren.

Not long after his 80th birthday, Wen Nanjin passed away due to illness.

Immediately after he left, Su Yunluo also left the mission world.

“Host, don’t be sad.”

Looking at Su Yunluo’s silent expression, the system was a little worried.

Su Yunluo didn’t respond to it.

The little bits and pieces of her and Wen Nanjin’s past constantly surfacing in her head.

Wen Nanjin spoiled her to the extreme.

After so many years of their marriage, Wen Nanjin had never lost his temper with Su Yunluo.

Although it was only a mission world, Su Yunluo was indeed in love and spent a lifetime with him.

With such a bone-deep affection, how could she forget

“System, is there a way to seal my memories of this life” Only after a long time did Su Yunluo speak.

Leaving her to capture others with her feelings for Wen Nanjin, Su Yunluo couldn’t do it.

It wasn’t fair to anyone else.

Thinking about it, she could only let the system seal her memories away.

Although she was very reluctant, Su Yunluo believed they would meet again when she returned to the real world!

“Host, this is a potion to seal your memories.

After you drink it, you will forget your feelings for your partner.”

The system took out the potion.

Su Yunluo picked it up and slowly swallowed the blue liquid from the glass bottle into her mouth.

After swallowing it, Su Yunluo’s memory of past sweetness with Wen Nanjin gradually faded away.

Wen Nanjin was now a captured character to her.

“System, drop me to the next world,” Su Yunluo’s eyes were clear now.

After a short while, she was sent to the next mission world.

The alarm went off at eight in the morning, and Su Yunluo opened her eyes on time.

She sat up from her bed and moved her gaze to the nightstand at the side.

There was a white note lying quietly there.

She picked it up and looked at the man’s powerful handwriting.

Luoluo, I’m off on a business trip.

I’ll be back in a week.

Breakfast is ready on the table.

Make sure you eat it!

Su Yunluo, in pajamas, shuffled along with a pair of slippers in the direction of the bathroom.

There was already toothpaste squeezed on the pink toothbrush at the sink.

The mouthwash cup was filled with water, and the towel was ready on the side.

Su Yunluo just needed to brush her teeth and wash her face.

After washing up, Su Yunluo looked at herself in the mirror.

Delicate and appealing features, a standard melon face, curved willowy eyebrows, big bright eyes, beautiful nose, red cherry lips, and a pair of shallow pear edges cheeks: A classic beauty.

Su Yunluo sat in front of the dining table.

On it were soft glutinous rice porridge, a set of tiny steamed buns, and a cup of still-hot soybean milk.


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