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“So tight…” The man couldn’t help but grunt.

Obviously, she had only just been penetrated by him, and now she was still so tight.

It was killing him.

He grabbed the woman’s waist, thrusting faster.

The woman’s body was incredibly wet, making the man’s thrusts work harder and more quickly.

Both of them were stimulated by the sound of wet bodies mixed with the noise of banging against each other’s flesh.

“Mmmmmm…So heavy…So deep…Mmmm…”

The woman moaned blissfully.

Her long legs wrapped tightly around the man’s waist.

With her p*ssy constantly contracting hard and clamping down, the man banged hard and fast.

The two’s lower abdomen was muddied with love juice as the man’s high-speed thrusts were ground into a circle of white foam that stuck to their joints.

The woman’s p*ssy was contracting and biting, binding the man’s c*ck tightly.

The strong and powerful suction made the man feel as though he was in heaven.

The movement of his hips intensified for several minutes.

Every time he entered the tight and narrow hole, it was like the man was in heaven.

Every time his c*ck entered, the huge head had to drill and grind the sensitive spot before he would withdraw.

The two labia had become red and swollen, pitifully flipping in and out with the man’s pumping action.

The man’s waist was like an electric engine, a never-ending pounding.

The f*cker slammed into the woman’s p*ssy at different angles, both fast and hard.

It caused the woman’s body to shudder, tightening its grip on his shaft.

“Ahhhh… Mmm… Don’t… It’s too deep…”

Her body was sore and numb, but the man’s c*ck was moving in and out of her tight hole.

His c*ck was rubbing against her hole’s sensitive walls.

The huge head swirled and ground at the center of her cunt brought a fantastic amount of pleasure to her every nerve.

The glistening fluid was carried out by the man’s c*ck, dyeing the sheets beneath her in a large, ambiguous stain.

The room echoed with gasps, moans, flesh slapping sounds, and the passion continued.

Su Yunluo’s body trembled as the man thrust against her.

It was like a boat going with the current, receiving a rough ride.

The man who gave her the storm ambushed her neck and nibbled and sucked out a bruise.

The man’s c*ck rampaged in and out of the woman’s p*ssy, banging the roots of her thighs red.

Su Yunluo was lost in her lust.

Her thighs wrapped around the man’s waist.

Her tiny and dainty toes curled up in response to the man’s continued thrusts.

“Uhhh… Enough… Uhhh… No…”

The depths of her p*ssy were once again intensely sore.

The woman screamed, not knowing for how many times she had come beneath him.


The woman’s p*ssy contracted sharply as she climaxed, and the man growled low, venting a thick stream of semen inside her.

All night, Wen Nanjin loved the person in his arms over and over again.

When he finally got enough of the woman in his arms, he realized that she had already passed out.

The man picked her up, carried her to the bathroom to wash, and then carried her back to bed.

To see the lover in his arms sleeping, the man lovingly kissed her forehead, then hugged her tightly and went to sleep full of happiness.


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