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The Rich Divorcée (2)



The Qi family.


Mother Qi was working on the branches of the flowers in the garden.

The housekeeper came over from a short distance away, “Madam, Miss Su, President Su, as well as Madam Su have come to visit.”

Mother Qi dropped the scissors and slowly headed for the living room.

The three members of the Su family were already seated in the living room, and the maid had just given them tea.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.” Mother Qi gave them a warm welcome.

“There’s Luoluo.

Auntie hasn’t seen you for a while.

I miss Luoluo.” Mother Qi drew her hand closely.

Su Yunluo was somewhat uncomfortable and smiled awkwardly.

Mother Su rounded up the scene, “Shu Ya (Mother Qi’s name), is Yunxuan here This time, we came here to tell you something.”

“Yunxuan is in the study and discussing something with his dad.

Let me call them.”

Mother Qi found their attitude weird.

She didn’t think of it and went upstairs to call Father Qi and her son.

After a while, some people went down.

Father Qi was happy to see them.

“Old Su, it’s been a while.

I was thinking about going to your place in a few days to kill some chess games.”

“Uncle Su, Auntie Su.” Qi Yunxuan greeted weakly.

When Father Su and Mother Su saw him, their smile went away.

They did nothing but nod their heads.

Mother Qi saw that the atmosphere was slightly off and hastened to say, “My child, Luoluo is here too.

Why aren’t you even saying hello

“Miss Su.” Qi Yunxuan’s tone was cold, like she was a stranger, not his fiancée.

“Brother Yunxuan.” Su Yunluo was a lot colder than he was.

After greeting him, she turned her eyes away as if she no longer wanted to see him.

Qi Yunxuan felt a bit taken aback.

‘Hasn’t she always been the most clingy What makes you suddenly so indifferent Could it have something to do with yesterday’

But his surprise was only momentary and soon returned to normal.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward again.

Even the thick-headed Father Qi felt a bit unusual.

Mother Qi smiled and spoke, “Right, old Qi, old Su said there’s something he wants to talk to us about.”

When Father Qi heard this, he looked to Father Su in confusion.

“There it is.

We came here today because of the two children.”

Father Su spoke softly.

“What happened to these two kids”

Father Qi was in the clouds, and Mother Qi was also at a loss.

Qi Yunxuan looked as though he knew what Su Su was going to say.

He turned towards Father Su, but his hand tightened slowly.

“Last night, we decided to call off the engagement after thinking about it all night.”

Father Su threw the “bomb” in a light tone.

The Qi couple was shocked.

“Dear in-laws, what’s going on The two kids are okay.

Why all of a sudden do you want to call off the engagement”

Mother Qi took the lead, “Did this brat do something to make Luoluo angry”

Father Qi was worried, too.

He got angry and turned around to punch Qi Yunxuan.

Mother Qi was quick to stop him, “Calm down, can’t you say something”

The Su family convinced him as well, finally easing Father Qi’s anger.

At that point, Father Su explained, “When we signed the marriage contract, we were both thrilled, and the two children were going well together.

But after giving it some thought later, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

We didn’t even ask the two kids whether they were okay with it.”

Mother Su continued, “Yes, I asked Luoluo in private.

Luoluo said that she likes Yunxuan.

But it’s just affection for a sibling and not love between a couple.

On second thought, I think it’s best to break off the engagement, so we don’t delay the two children.”

“So before, Luoluo…”

Mother Qi was confused.

She’d been watching Su Yunluo go after Qi Yunxuan all day.

‘Did she really not like him’

 “Auntie, I was young and ignorant.

I mistakenly considered the feelings of brothers and sisters to be the feelings of men and women, which caused your misunderstanding and a lot of trouble for brother Yunxuan.

I feel terrible about this.

Now I’ve thought it over.

I’m not in love with brother Yunxuan, so I can’t hold him up.

I’m also asking uncle and auntie to agree to cancel our marriage contract.”

Su Yunluo sounded like she meant it.

Mother Qi turned to the silent Qi Yunxuan who stood at the side.

“Yunxuan, what’s your opinion”

 Everyone looked at him in unison.

“Dad, mom, I don’t love Miss Su at all.” Qi Yunxuan said slowly.

Mother Qi sighed.

“Since both children have no such intentions, I think we should cancel the marriage contract.”

Father Qi was also very disappointed.

“How unfortunate because Luoluo is so good.

Our family is out of luck.”

“Children have their ideas.

We can’t do anything.

We can’t be in-laws, but we are still friends.” Father Su smiled.

“Yeah, yeah,” echoed Mother Su.

Su Yunluo breathed a sigh of relief when at last, they canceled the engagement.

Qi Yunxuan saw the scene, and his eyes were a little confused.

After discussing the marriage contract, Father Qi insisted on playing chess with Father Su, and Father Su had no choice but to accompany him.

On the other hand, Mother Qi and Mother Su were discussing gossip from the upper classes.

Given the situation, it would be a while before she could go home.

So Su Yunluo felt a bit bored and went for a walk in the Qi family’s back garden.


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