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Wen Nanjin held her in his arms and walked in the hot spring.

Then he put her back against the wall of the pool, holding her hips, and pound her deeper and deeper.

“Uhhh… Brother Nanjin… Hurry up…”

The man’s movements were too gentle.

The woman felt like something was always missing.

“What did you call me Hmm,” he pounded the woman’s p*ssy.

Su Yunluo moaned, “Mmm…Husband…Faster…”

She called out from the goodness of her heart that satisfied him.

Her body was wet and tight, and she sucked his c*ck spontaneously.

The man was thrilled.

He slowly increased his c*ck’s speed, slamming her wide open.

In the hot spring’s corner, the man’s hips were thrusting rapidly, plunging his huge c*ck in and out of the woman’s sensitive p*ssy.

“Ahhh… So fast… Mmmmm… So deep…” Screamed Su Yunluo coquettishly.

That feeling of how the man’s girth ran through her.

His green-veined shaft fiercely rubbed against her p*ssy’s sensitive walls.

The overwhelming pleasure came forth from their union.

A bit of warm water gushed into the woman’s p*ssy along with the man’s thrusts, and it made her feel high.

At the same time, she was filled with a strange pleasure.

The snow-white and round breasts were shaking before his eyes.

Wen Nanjin smoothly opened his mouth and took one side of her nipples into his mouth, devouring it with gusto.

His lips and tongue licked vigorously, deftly sweeping the tip of the pink nipple, making it harden and grow larger in his mouth.

Releasing the tip of the red licked nipple, Wen Nanjin caressed the other side with the same technique.

Su Yunluo only felt a tingling pleasure in her breasts, and she could not help but raise them high enough for him to suck deeper.

Her p*ssy suffered the man’s thrusts harder than ever, and every inch of her folds was stretched open, filling her with a surging sensation.

Su Yunluo was so pleased.

“Mmmmm… So big… Mmmmm… Ahhh…”

All of Su Yunluo’s senses focused on her p*ssy, which was being loved by the man.

Her abdomen shrunk hard, aching to be one with him.

It felt sore and swollen inside her, and it was only after Wen Nanjin slammed into it again that Su Yunluo screamed her way to climax.

Enduring the woman’s powerful sucking orgasm, the man pulled out his c*ck and turned her over so that she was on her back with her hand on the pool wall.

The swollen c*ck was once again impaled her from behind.

He licked and kissed the woman’s back while his c*ck pumped slowly inside her, grinding against the soft flesh of her cunt.


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