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As a result of Mu Yuqing’s meeting with her, Su Yunluo’s mood was affected somewhat.

Even Wen Nanjin sensed it and asked her concerning about what happened.

She didn’t forget to groan after telling him what had happened, “I can’t even understand why their business has to involve me.

I have nothing to do with them, obviously.”

“Don’t overthink.

The most important thing for you right now is to prepare for our wedding.” Wen Nanjin patted her head.

“Hmph! Don’t mind them.” Su Yunluo nodded.

As the days passed, the time soon arrived for their wedding.

In the early morning, Wen Nanjin and a group of best men drove a limousine to pick up the bride after they “overcame all obstacles” outside the Su residence.

Then, a group of people went to the wedding venue.

Su Yunluo, wearing a white wedding dress, took Father Su’s hand and walked in slowly.

Wen Nanjin was already standing there waiting for her.

The smile on his face widened as he watched Su Yunluo walk towards him step by step.

Father Su solemnly handed Su Yunlou’s hand over to Wen Nanjin and spoke seriously, “Take good care of my daughter.”

“Don’t worry, father-in-law.

I will do my best to make Luoluo happy,” promised Wen Nanjin.

Wen Nanjin and Su Yunluo held each other’s hands and stood in front of the central wedding platform.

The priest began to read the wedding vows :

[Groom Wen Nanjin, will you marry the woman in front of you For richer or poorer, in health or sickness, be faithful to her, love, and protect her for the rest of your life]

“I am willing.” Wen Nanjin looked solemn.

[Bride Su Yunluo, are you willing to marry the man before you For richer or poorer, in health or sickness, be loyal to him, respect him, and accompany him for the rest of your life]

“I am willing.”  Her voice firmed.

The priest asked the bride and groom to exchange rings.

Both of them took each other’s hands and put on the rings.

Exchanging wedding rings was not just a ceremony, but also a promise to each other.

It meant circling each other’s hearts and being loyal to each other from now on.

[The groom may kiss the bride].

Wen Nanjin lifted Su Yunluo’s veil, revealing her delicate face.

Looking at her red lips that were as delicate as roses, Wen Nanjin kissed them deeply.

Everyone present applauded for them.

When it was time to hold the wedding banquet in the evening, Su Yunlou changed into another cheongsam set.

The red cheongsam outlined her ruggedly beautiful figure, attracting everyone.

With all the men’s eyes falling on her, Wen Nanjin became jealous and stuck close to Su Yunluo all night.

His hand hugged her dominantly around the waist, declaring his sovereignty.

Finally, they were able to rest after having to send all the guests away.


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