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Mu Yuqing’s voice took on a hint of resentment, “This is fine.

For the sake of the child in my belly, I can endure anything.

But for what did my parents do wrong They came to see a glimpse of me, but they were all ruthlessly thrown out by her.

Originally I was unwed and pregnant.

I had already made my parents unable to hold their heads up.

Now I have to drag them into being taunted.

I just can’t bear it.”

“Sorry, I lost my temper.” Mu Yuqing smiled.

Su Yunluo shook her head to show that it was okay.

“Miss Su, I’ve thought about it.

The president and I are in two different worlds.

Even if I marry him smoothly now, there will still be conflicts in the future.

I’m tired.

I don’t want to live like this.

Aunt Qi is right.

Miss Su is the one who can match the president.”

“Miss Mu, how nosy of me to ask, but what about the child in your belly after you and Qi Yunxuan broke up” Su Yunluo asked her calmly.

“I will raise the child myself.

We will be mother and son that will be dependent on each other.

We won’t let the president find us.

Miss Su doesn’t need to worry.” Mu Yuqing caressed her belly with a loving face.

Su Yunluo couldn’t stand it anymore when she heard this.

‘Coincidentally, she no longer wanted Qi Yunxuan for herself and pushed him to me.

What am I A garbage collector’

“Miss Mu, with all due respect.

I think you’re really selfish.

You’re tired of wanting Qi Yunxuan, so you want to shove him to me Did you ask my opinion Did you speak to Qi Yunxuan Who are you to make decisions for us” Su Yunluo spoke.

She seemed to have not expected Su Yunluo to say something like that.

Mu Yuqing was a bit at a loss as to how to reply.

“Also, have you thought seriously about the child Even if I’m with Qi Yunxuan, but you have his child.

Do you think he’ll let you guys go Will Aunt Qi ignore it Besides, now that everyone out there knows about you, do you think it’s okay to just hide away What will you do when you’re found Will you continue to hide with your child What will your child think of all this” Su Yunluo continued to speak.

Mu Yuqing really didn’t think so much about it.

As soon as Su Yunluo asked those questions, she panicked so much that she didn’t know what to say.

Her face was pale, and her lips trembled.

When she saw the situation, Su Yunluo relaxed her tone, “Miss Mu, I hope you will think carefully before making any decision.

I don’t want to get involved in any relationship with Qi Yunxuan, so you guys should solve your matters.

Also, Miss Mu, I’m about to get married.

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear your words today.

I love my husband very much and will never betray him.”

Seeing her dazed face, Su Yunluo knew that Mu Yuqing didn’t know that she was getting married.

That’s right.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said such words to her.

Su Yunluo slowly breathed out, “Miss Mu, I don’t think we have anything more to talk about.

I’ll be leaving first.”

Su Yunluo was just about to leave when she saw Qi Yunxuan hurrying over.

She nodded to him and then went out without looking back.


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