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 “Mmmm…” The woman muffled.

     A foreign object squeezed into her tight p*ssy.

She tightened and squeezed subconsciously, trying to get it out.

     She was so tight that the man’s tongue was sucked in tightly, unable to move.

     He reached out to play with the nub, waiting for her to relax a little before his tongue began to poke it.


     The woman unconsciously moaned as the man’s tongue nimbly dug around inside her and also circled along the walls.

He was probing around to find her sensitive spots.

     The woman went weak as he tongued her.

It felt like she was soaring up as his tongue entered.

     When his tongue was about to withdraw, it felt awfully empty again.

Su Yunluo’s p*ssy contracted even tighter as if she did not want his tongue to leave.

     The man’s tongue found a patch of soft flesh.



Don’t go there.” 

     The woman struggled, trying to escape the man’s shackles.

     Sensing the woman’s reaction, the man knew he was in the right place.

He aimed his tongue at the soft flesh, poking it hard.


     The woman’s legs clamped tightly around the man’s head.

Her pussy spasming and clamping down.

     A large wave of fluid spurted from the depths of her pu*ssy.

     The man lifted his head from between her legs.

His lips were brightly stained with the woman’s love juice. 

     Su Yunluo felt embarrassed.

     ‘Oooh, I’m so out of control of myself.

I actually reached the peak just like that.’

     She fooled herself into covering her eyes, but the man remained silent for a long time.

When she opened her eyes, she found that he was looking at her with a smile on his eyes.

     She tried to look away, but the man moved faster than her.

He held her face and kissed her lips. 

     “Silly Luoluo.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I like the way you reacted.

It’s a sure sign that you like me.”

     Wen Nanjin kissed her softly, poking the woman’s base thighs with his lower flesh with every movement. 

     Her eyes lowered.

     ‘So huge! Can it enter my body’

     He saw the fear on the woman’s face.

Wen Nanjin reassured softly, “Luoluo, be good.

I won’t hurt you this time.”

     Wen Nanjin gently licked the woman’s lips.

His stick was circling against the woman’s flower, opening one at a time.

     The woman’s eyes were clouded by the impact he was having on her.

Wen Nanjin took the opportunity to lower his waist and dived.

     His stick pushed the two flower lips apart, but a little part of it had not entered her.

     Su Yunluo felt her lower body filling up a little with the man’s d*ck.

It felt amazing.

     ‘So this is how a man and a woman unite,’  

     She was lost in thought. 

     Wen Nanjin slowly moved his waist, pumping deeply.

His stick slowly opened every inch of tender flesh.

     “Mmm ah! Ah ah!” 

     Closing her eyes and moaning softly, the woman seemed to be enjoying herself, 

     Her p*ssy kept on contracting one after another.

The man gradually increased his speed, thrusting his rod in and out of her hole.

     “Mmmmm! Ahhh! Good! Ahhh!” 

     The woman moaned delicately.

Her legs dangled in the air as the man banged her.

     The man held the woman’s shapely butt and pounded her hard.

The hot and swollen member plunged fast and furious into the woman’s tight hole.

     It seemed every inch of flesh inside her p*ssy had its own consciousness.

The man’s rod was tightly sucked onto her body.

     The man couldn’t help but let out a sexy and muffled grunt of pleasure.


So tight.


Spread your legs a little more.”

     At the man’s request, the woman spread her legs to the maximum.

Her tender, intimate parts endured the man’s violent thrusts.

     The man’s palm grasped and rubbed her breast.

His thumb pressed the tip of her pink nipple, rubbing it continuously until it became a red bulge. 

     Snow-white creamy flesh spilled out from between his fingers, changing into various shapes under the man’s palm.


So good.


     Su Yunluo felt light and floaty, as if she was in the clouds. 

     The man’s strength was wild but gentle.

His large d*ck pressed against hers, grinding a little before he would leave each time.

     The thunder roared through the night.

A man and a woman in a bed, entwined in each other’s arms. 

     The man’s eyes could not hide his love.  The woman’s warm and tight flesh wrapped around him.

Layers of tender meat squeezed him to the edge of comfort.


Are you comfortable” 

     The man asked while thrusting back.

Fine kisses fell on her cheeks.

     How could a woman answer such a question She blushed and turned to the side.

     The man also didn’t force her.

The woman’s every moan, every contraction, was the answer.

     The woman seemed to enjoy kissing.

Every time he kissed, her p*ssy always shrank and clamped itself tighter.

     The man then buried himself in the side of her neck and licked and kissed.


     There was a sound of flesh slapping at their union.

     The original pink flower became red because of the man’s pounding.

The two flower lips became red, swollen, and engorged.

     Flipping in and out as the man pumped in and out.

     “Ah! Brother Nanjin.

Can’t take it anymore! Slower.


     The woman seemed overwhelmed, whimpering and begging for mercy.

     The woman screamed and moaned.

She was still contracting; how could a man slow down 

     His moves were more violent, roughly pounding the woman’s tender p*ssy.


No way.

I’m coming!”

     Sensing that the woman’s body was writhing and contracting more frequently, the man increased the force, “Wait for me.

I’m coming too!”

     With a final, violent thrust from the man, the woman screamed and climaxed again.

At the same time, the man roared, burying deep in the woman’s p*ssy.

Hot fluid shot all over the woman’s uterus.

     The man eased out of the woman’s body.

Without the plug, mixed love juices flowed out from the inserted delicate hole.

     The petals had not yet closed.

It was still opening and closing slightly.

     Watching this, the man’s semi-hard rod immediately hardened, “Sorry, baby.

I couldn’t resist.” 

     He flipped the woman’s body over and entered her again from behind.


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