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     “Brother Nanjin” Su Yunluo knocked on Wen Nanjin’s door.

     Wen Nanjin had just gone to the study to deal with the company’s documents.

Shortly after lying on the bed, he heard Su Yunluo’s knock.

He got up from the bed and opened the door.

     He saw a scared-looking Su Yunluo, “Luoluo, what’s wrong”

     “Brother Nanjin, can I sleep with you tonight I’m afraid of thunder.”

     Wen Nanjin was just about to say something when there was a thunderstorm outside, and Su Yunluo screamed and hid in Wen Nanjin’s arms in fear.

     “Brother Nanjin.” Su Yunluo looked like she was about to cry.

     Wen Nanjin was suddenly distressed, “Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid.

I’m here.” 

     He led Su Yunluo into his room, then closed the door.

When Su Yunluo climbed onto the bed, he immediately shrank into Wen Nanjin’s arms.

     The thunder kept going.

Su Yunluo shuddered in fear and wouldn’t come out, hiding in Wen Nanjin’s arms.

     “Luoluo, don’t be afraid.

I’m right here.” Wen Nanjin patted her back, softly coaxing her.

     Su Yunluo looked pitiful with a few tears remaining on her face, “Brother Nanjin.

I’m afraid.

     Her voice was choked with sobs.

The little person in his arms was frightened to tears.

Wen Nanjin was so distressed that he kept coaxing her softly.

His thin lips sucked away the tears on her face and kissed her red lips, swallowing her cries in.

     The man’s kiss was soothing.

Su Yunluo gradually forgot her fear and tilted her head up to respond to the man’s kiss. 

     “Mmm…” She unconsciously let out a whimper. 

     It was like some kind of signal to become intoxicated.

The man’s kisses gradually changed, and the hand that was patting her back lightly moved to her waist at some point, fondling it slowly.

     “Luoluo… Luoluo…” 

     The man pecked her lips one at a time.

His voice turned husky and charming, and his eyes burned with fire, a desire to own. 


     The woman didn’t say anything.

She just held him tighter, substituting movement for her answer.

     The man let out a sexy, deep laugh, and the woman could even feel the vibrations in his chest. 

     “Luoluo… Help me undress.” 

     The hot breath from the man’s lips as he spoke blew against the side of her neck.

The woman cringed sensitively. 

     In response, she undid the man’s clothes.

     “Mmm… ” 

     Wen Nanjin suddenly took her earlobe.

It was her sensitive spot.

Her body went all soft at once.

     Wen Nanjin pulled off the straps of her bathrobe and peeled it off from her shoulders.  At that moment, the two met each other naked, and there was no more barrier.

     The man licked her ear, tracing its contour with his tongue’s tip.

The white jade-like ears were red from shyness.

It was beautiful.

     Wen Nanjin kissed the enticing red lips again.

The woman gently opened her lips, allowing the man’s tongue to enter, licking every corner of the soft mouth.


     The man’s long flexible tongue hooked and teased the woman’s delicious tongue.

He rolled it up and kept sucking that their saliva mingled.

     Su Yunluo’s breathing was full of Wen Nanjin’s fresh masculine scent, making her addicted to it.

     Amid her ecstasy, Su Yunluo felt a large hand covering the abundance of her chest, kneading with moderate strength.

The man’s palm was callused thinly, touching her smooth, creamy breasts.

     It gave her a strange thrill.

     The cherry on top stood erect and sensitive.

The man’s lips kissed her plumpness, his tongue lapping at the soft breast. 


     His thin lips took one side of the nipple, nibbling it gently.

His tongue licked back and forth until it hardened and straightened in his mouth.

     “Mmmm ah…” The woman panted in a state of intense emotion. 

     Her slender legs were closed tightly impatiently.

The tender spot between her legs was already dripping with strands of nectar.

     The man parted her legs to get a closer look at the woman’s intimate parts.

Soft pubic hair covered the delicate flower, and the two petal lips were pink in color and were closed tightly for prying eyes.

     The small flower slit, which was now dripping with flower juice, revealed that the woman was passionate.

     When her private parts were being measured like this, Su Yunluo was so shy that she subconsciously wanted to close her legs together, “Don’t… don’t look…”

     The man restrained her legs so she couldn’t move.

The next moment, the man’s thin lips were kissing that place.

     Su Yunluo’s head suddenly “rumbled,” feeling shocked. 

     ‘He, he, he actually kiss her there!’

     Su Yunluo’s body shivered a little because of the excitement.

The juice between her legs flowed more freely.

     The man didn’t only kiss, but his thin lips sucked gently at both petals.

He slid his tongue up and down the slit.

     He sucked the nectar between the woman’s legs.

As if that wasn’t enough, Wen Nanjin’s lips became a little more intense, unintentionally sweeping over the protruding bud, pressing it hard.


     The woman screamed.

The flow of juices got even more intense.

     Finding the woman’s sensitive spot, the man’s lips and tongue teased the little nub.

He licked and bit it, bullied it until it became red, swollen, and engorged.


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